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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Bulls and steelies often times sit in similar water your one step closer danielson
  2. Something I would like to add to this is the importance in line management. When I hooked that bull trout I had a lot of slack line hanging around. There was a point while reeling in slack line that I felt like I lost the fish. Lesson here is keep you line as slack free as possible constantly. I learned a valuable lesson from that.
  3. Or just hand line the fucker if you need to. I've caught salmon about 3 times the size of that guy that didn't earn the reel.

    Just a thought.
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  4. I feel like I should add on to what I just said.

    A really hot, tough fish will take care of that slack for you, all by itself.

    If you are reeling in slack line, I think that's a waste of time. If the fish you are fighting isn't taking line on you, then just pull it in. It doesn't necessarily have to be reeled in to count.

    This was a good lesson I learned on the beaches this year. I lost a few salmon because I was trying to reel in slack line when instead I should have just been hand lining them and fighting them into the beach. So now, my mantra is: "Make it earn the reel." If I hook a fish, especially beach fishing for salmon where you tend to end up with LOTS of slack line, I don't even touch the reel unless the fish gets to it on its own.

  5. What Jason said, re: slack line.
  6. Gees you guys make it sound like a Steelhead take can be almost considered violent.
  7. Yes, if caught on a spoon.
  8. Heck then I guess I am going to throw a dick nite on the end of my line next time. I will see if the squidro works good too!
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  9. Or, and I know this one will probably offend some people, a swung fly :eek:!
  10. I'm not gonna lie, I tried tying up some squidro over the weekend. They ended up fugly.
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  11. I really like bieber

  12. Like Justin Bieber?
  13. Haha yah she is adorable

    Im kidding dan

  14. Well shit I thought that all that Bieber you made me listen to in the car couple weeks ago was just to make me miserable. All coming together now.
  15. By the way my order for that Sage reel is not going to work out due to lack of backing capacity. I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger on that Guru reel. However, I wont be able to do it till next week so I may not be hitting this rivers this weekend.
  16. I just bought the velocity
  17. From the sitr u gave me hahaha
  18. Sweetness

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