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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Guys want a funny story? Here is a lesson I learned the hard way that I want to pass on for educational purposes.

    Last saturday when I was out spey casting on the stilly I was getting very frustrated with how the 10 foot section of t-11 was hitting bottom constantly on the river when it was 350 cfs. I learned quickly this was the wrong tip to buy but due to budget constraints I could only afford one, and that was what I was told to buy by the Cabelas guy ( yes I know).

    Sooooo what did I do? I cut the tip down to only 2 feet of t-11 thinking that it would get me off the bottom. Well it did but I started to get really bad piling with my casts fromt then on out.

    What have I learned here that BASSTURDS clued me in on was the fact that the 10 ft of t-11 is there to aid in ancoring my line for my D-loop. So with that said. DO NOT CUT YOUR GOD DAMN TIP.

    Also, if you are buying a new spey setup I can not stress enough that you need to buy atleast 3 tips that cover a wide enough range, or polyleaders if you choose to do that.
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  2. So heading to the Skagit this Saturday with the proper gear. Hopefully I will have better luck. I heard that the fishing has been pretty good last few days.
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  3. no no your not we are going to the skagit
  4. you essentially have to completely modify your stroke if you run only 2 feet of sink tip.

    remember with skagit casting
    3 to 3 1/'2 time your rod length

    so with 12 footer you could run if you have 24 foot skagit max you could run 17 feet to 10 foot tip
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  6. they are

    12 foot rod

    Head length (24 feet) + Tip length (x=12) (y=13.5) (z=15) = 36-39 Feet

    24+ 12= 36 (Shorter stroke)
    24 + 13.5= 37.5
    24+15= 39 on the lengthier side of things
  7. tips grain weight is not normally counted for skagit style casting
  8. If the waters down and you just need something to get you through a day of fishing without hanging up on the bottom, you could ditch the tip and use a tapered leader (or make one with various strengths of mono) and use it with a lighter fly.
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  9. one could use a skagit head with 20 foot leader if they wanted too, its about getting the anchor to stick,
  10. You need a tip of some kind when skagit casting to act as your anchor.
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  11. im aware of this but you can run an ugly as bug on long leader to compensate if all else failed
  12. Unfortunately....not where I was on Tuesday, but I was pretty low...a few miles east of Sedro Wooley from evening til dark. Tons of pinks rolling, but all I caught were trees. My snap-t is getting good though with all the "practicing" I've been getting.
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  13. Right on man keep up the good work. Any insightful experiences that you have had or will have that you feel will benefit other new anglers please feel free to share.
  14. Bump for great justice! I demand updates!

  15. Not giving any pre mature updates just yet buddy. Hit the water today, and going right back out tomorrow bright and early.
  16. Another Saturday and Sunday's worth of Steelhead has once again passed with no take for me. Enjoyed getting out in nature like I always do and learned a lot about my casting and mending, ( thank you bassturnds). I suppose there is just dues that still need to be paid. Going out week after week after week since I started this thread has been a very humbling experience. I would be lying if every now and then I get discouraged but I suppose that is just part of the game. Awesome weekend.
  17. Being another fellow rookie at the spey casting game I have followed along and appreciate you keeping this thread going. Thanks.
  18. I can not emphasize enough that starting Spey casting, it should be your number one priority to get some lessons. Do your research though. Make sure the person you are paying your hard earned money to teach you can actually teach. Keep in mind that some people can be very good at something but be poor at translating it to instruction. With spey casting, your lack of consistency, and knowledge of basic important fundamentals show ALOT more than a single hand casting rod BY FAR. I am the idiot trying to do the opposite of what I am preaching right now so, don't do what I am doing. My right ear is hurting like hell and was bleeding pretty good early today because I did not take a god damn lesson. I am gonna earn that fucking chromie as its literally causing me both sweat and now blood.
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  19. I always wear a stocking cap or the hood of my wading jacket while Spey casting. I've hit myself in the back/side of the head a couple times but the hat has always saved me. When my casting sucks, which is frequent, I feel the majority if my problems come from two things.

    1. Poor anchor placement
    2. Overpowering/moving too fast through the forward stroke.

    I haven't had any lessons but I've found the modern Spey casting DVDs to be pretty helpful. When I first started I struggled because I was trying to cast heavy flies and tips before I knew what the the hell I was doing. I backed off and moved to unweighted flies and lighter tips, this made things easier and let me feel what a successful cast felt like and I've been able to make it happen with the setup I previously struggled with.
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