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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Duuuuude, you gonna be dustin chromers this weekend? Tying any crazy flies? Doing things with leader and tippet and line? What's goin on, broseph?

    #imbored #gimmeupdates #lightingfarts #bieberfever #yolo
  2. Yes to all the above.
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  3. Picked up Dec Hogan's "A Passion For Steelhead" book this week. The book is fantastic and, in my opinion, worth the $70. It's nice to have all that info right in the palm of your hand. So, for all us steelhead rookies...this book is highly recommended. Had previously picked up "The Complete Steelheader", which was good, but not complete. There was very little on anything spey or switch...the author said he wasn't that good at it and didn't feel comfortable writing about it. But, the book had some great info. Hogan's is better.
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  4. did you watch my skagit master 2?
  5. I've only seen the trailer. Gotta pick it up.
  6. Awful quiet in here...
  7. Pretty difficult to attempt any serious steelhead fishing when the rivers are climbing straight up toward flood stage. Even if you're DanielOcean.

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  8. This is true, but he's not even bitching about it or bromancing Turds! It's unnatural.
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  9. I've heard some interesting reports coming from the dry-side. But my waders are in MT, FML.
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  10. Whoa whoa I am here. Like Salmo said. Not much to talk about with how the rivers are reacting to this rain. However, I did get to do some fishing Saturday. Took a buddy out early and caught another bulltrout. This time it was even bigger and faught harder. No steelhead but still had alot of fun. Obviously the weather pissed on me but if you are not willing to get out there in a little rain then you are not very serious at this. The river literally got blown out before my eyes, and headed home a little earlier than usual since the water was rising so fast. Fun times non the less. Glass is always half full.
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  11. When you get your waders back let me know and we will hit it up. Still waiting for those stories!

  12. *fart*
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  13. I will say this. So far this season, I have learned an un-believable amount about steelhead fishing. NO I have not caught my steelhead yet. However, I do not believe I have caught it because I simply do not deserve it yet.

    With that said when you are a rookie in this game, it is very very easy to get discouraged about things. If you can not stay positive and you are getting frustrated and angry early in your journey to catching a steelhead, I strongly recommend stopping because it just does not get any better.

    Saturday I was soaking wet, cold, hungry, and in pain. I did nothing but thank God for the gifts he gave me as I looked around and took in where I was at and what I was doing.

    To you steelhead out there. I will find you eventually, hopefully soon. FEAR ME for I am a life long steelheader already.
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  14. Danielocean never disappoints! Also, grats on the bull, and on getting out in the finest weather Washington has to offer!

  15. I had to think of something quick because I did not like my post count before that. I needed to move on to post count 667 quick.

  16. Good call, good call.
  17. Buy some sonic pro front zips, mine are in bozemon at simms :(
  18. As far as the dry side goes, theres a few Kings around and they like Spey poles. There easily as cool as a steelhead so thats something you might enjoy.
  19. I'm sure my waders will be back before finals week and I can enjoy my week long steelhead vacation in December. Just gotta figure out where I wanna go. Passport's still good and I haven't been to the island in a hot minute...
  20. So, just curious...at what point will you "deserve" it? What does one have to do in order to deserve a fish?

    I only bring it up because I think the whole idea of deserving a fish is BS. This was brought much more eloquently in a recent issue of Flyfish Journal.

    We never deserve fish. There's so much more at play.
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