A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. GOOD JOB DANIEL! I believe you. And I like that you are hooking up with things that are shiny. Keep it up and you might even land one this year!
  2. it took me a whole year to land a steelhead on the swing, its definetly a process figuring the game out
  3. Could have been a steelhead but there are a lot of bitey coho in there now.
  4. Only reason I asked because you didn't seem that excited about it from your post, so I figured that maybe you weren't feeling too convinced of it. It just read like: "ho hum, hooked a steelhead, also some pinks." I mean, you hooked a fucking steelhead, man, and kept it on and got to fight it for a minute! That's rad. And nice work. We all know you've been working hard for it.
  5. LOL Oh man, when I wrote that was when I was literally on my way to bed. I was freaken exhausted, and had a sleeping pill kicking in. I was pretty out of it but still felt obligated to update the rookie log.
  6. Understandable.

    Good work. I'm looking forward to putting more hours into swinging for steelhead once the salmon start drying up.
  7. This thread hit 20,000 views. Holy shit.
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  8. Someone owes you a royalty for keeping the clicks coming. Useless shit, but nonetheless this is internet marketing gold..
  9. Seriously if Daniel changed his forum name to something like "Tampax Pearl" he'd be making bank with all the page views
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  10. He is more of pad guy i have noticed from our fishing adventures. Nothing like a warm jine jine
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  11. So to all you rookies out there I have a bit more advice. When you are still trying to get your first steelhead, and all your friends on this forum are catching, and landing them except you.............find new friends. LOL
  12. I am too tired for a wise comeback. So I will stick with, " I am rubber, your glue, so whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you". Although now thinking about it I would say it is a safe bet that whatever sticks to you will be found on your lower back.
  13. As long as it doesnt get in my beard

  14. You're right. Just double checked the photo. Not sure how I missed it the first time around

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  15. It is your day off. Shouldnt you be on the river like a true steelheader instead of looking at attractive pictures of me on your computer.

  16. PFF doesn't open for 25 minutes. In photoshop years thats an eternity
  17. your across from my house matt
  18. Matt how does it feel to know you are being viewed by bass turds through binoculars. Congratuations you have a stalker.
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  19. I'm still naked on my couch. I'll be leaving in about 5 min.

    Actually check that, I got my wading socks on.

  20. On a low note my waders came back, still fucked up. Apparently my shit is so fucked that Simms won't be able to guarantee their work. Cool, GI bill needs to hurry up already. Having disposable income again would be sweet. And there is a lot of shit I wanna get.
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