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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Lots of shit huh? LIke your good ole buddy dan a new pontoon?
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  2. I was thinking a new pair of waders, jacket, boat bag, and maybe a night of gambling, hookers and blow in one of these casinos.
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  3. Im waiting for gi too time to get double paid son
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  4. Make it rain pro-tubes and scandi compacts on dem hens
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  5. They suck at that don't they, the govt' that is.
  6. Hey Ocean, do you plan on fishing the Methow or Wenachee for Steelhead?
  7. dont u do it daniel dont u do it
  8. so are we not recieving VA checks until this bs is over?
  9. Sorry a trip is not in sight right now
  10. bump for Wenatchee, methow overrated
  11. Hopefully it will be a pretty big day tomorrow. Heading over to a nice Columbia Tributary tomorrow, and am excited as I have never been out there in all the years I have been living in the State. Gear, and food ready to hit the road early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the day.
  12. Eastside doesn't count.

  13. Oh whatever. I don't care anymore. I want a god damn steelhead. If I do not get one tomorrow I will probably just Rolfe all over myself with disgust.
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  14. Shit bad news just saw on tv a flash flood is sweeping across central washington looks like no fishing damn sorry bud

  15. Damn I didn't see that coming.
  16. Have fun nymphing the Methow
  17. I really need quit leaving my camera in the car.
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