A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. me too
  2. me too (wetsnatchee)
  4. yep...you guessed it...me too.
  5. 4 hits, 1 on but broke off, zero to hand, Fri. & Sat. Things gettin' bleak.

  6. I wouldn't say my day was bad though. It was actually pretty awesome. Did get two strikes from something but couldn't set the hook right still doing stupid shit at the moment of truth. Got to hang out with very good friends. Ate great food and had good drinks. I also slept like a daisy.
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  7. All future rookies out there reading this thread: when going on a steelheading trip please remember to pack your wading boots prior to leaving.
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  8. hahaha...nothing like wearing your waders with a pair of vans...ask me how i know.

  9. Yes do not forget your boots. When Golfman44 forgot his we had to turn around and backtrack 30 minutes.
  10. It's bad luck to go back for something you forgot. At least in Eastern Europe.

    That's probably why you got skunked.
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  11. Ya I'm a real doucher. Good thing my friends were kind enough to turn around, go all the way back to my house, and correct my mistakes for me. I so rudely cost them prime fishing hours in the morning by doing this. Not only am I the sole reason we all got skunked, I also caused my friend Evan to get pulled over by a cop while having to do a U-Turn to grab my boots. If I were a nice guy I would offer to pay for all the wasted gas on the trip.

    Please fellow rookies don't do this.
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  12. I immedietly got pulled over within 30 seconds of danuel forhetting his wading boots
  13. (hint) don't fish in WA
  14. I swear I'm never hearing the end of this.
  15. Starting to see that.
  16. Cohos feel like a bag of sand
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