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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. You could have caught 1000 more steelhead than anyone I know and it wouldn't change the fact that you post mostly garbage.
    The "wanna be" jab was at your friends, not you. And ill agree it was uncalled for.
    As far as the street cred thing.... you lost me.

  2. cred stands for credentials. (srs)

    I dunno why your taking shots at relatively new steelheaders if you know its uncalled for. Seems pretty arrogant and dick headish to me. (srs) Insult them because im a troll. Strong Logic (srs)

    From now on all posts will have (srs) not (ntsrs) tag so you have an easier time discerning what is sarcasm, and possibly prevent insulting people in the future. (ntsrs)
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  3. Lets play nice fellas. I do not want to have Nate Treat come in here and set you all straight.
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  4. I think he is confusing you with me...
  5. The problem isn't that I have trouble discerning what is serious and what is not. Its that you pretty much only post not so serious/sarcastic shit. I mean, I suppose I really thought that your profile pic was you and your girlfriend too eh?
  6. i only wish to have a woman that beautiful in my avatar
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  7. I should introduce you to my sister. (Ntsrs)
  8. To late, your sister has already been introduced to everyone on the western seaboard.
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  9. If the friendly ripping on fellow steelheaders continue any futher I am sure we are going to get to some awesome Momma jokes soon.
  10. guys what kind of backing to fly line knots should i pair with my deathstar?
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  11. slip
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  12. How many silvers do you have to beach before you can claim "Coho Roper" status?
    Please God let it be more than 1....
  13. Depends who you ask. By Daniels count I have about a dozen. By my count I have about 0.

  14. Only bead fisherman use knots.
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  15. I went fishing last weekend and caught some fish.
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  16. Look children! Here you can see a specimen of the North American Douche Canoe. They can easily be identified by their flat brimmed hats and puffy jackets in the wintertime. In the summer they can be identified by the wearing of board shorts, aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap worn backwards and/or a wife-beater tank top shirt. Their primary habitat includes frat houses, minimum wage jobs or their parent's garage. Spawning habits are similar to that of the Pacific salmon in that males will surround females, bump the females in order to cause the females to drop their eggs into the redd where the dominant male will deposit his sperm. This activity is sometimes referred to as a gang-rape and is often frowned upon.
    When confronted by a Douche Canoe your best defense is with a beverage commonly referred to as "horse piss" or "Keystone Light." Distracted, this will give you a chance to make a quick exit so that said Douche Canoe will not mistakenly attempt to spawn with, or attack you.
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  17. 9.8/10

    forgot to mention natty light had to dock your score
  18. Lemme straighten a few things out here.... Home owner since I was 22. Owned a business since I was 23. Married 4.5 years with a beautiful 7.5 month old daughter. Now that you know those facts. keep tearing me up..... I expected it from you guys..... couldnt give two shits less......
  19. Nobody asked
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  20. [​IMG]
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