A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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    I like peanut butter M&Ms. I don't like kids or sportsball.
  2. Looks like Daniel's thread is finally taking a turn for the worse. Who'd a thunk it?

    Too bad, cuz there's actually some good shit about steelhead fishing in here. I oughta' know; I posted it.
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  3. I am surpised that this thread is even still alive.

  4. It's going to continue until you catch a steelhead or quit fishing.
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  5. I'm surprised you haven't caught a god damn steelhead.
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  6. Yeah Daniel, why don't you just throw in the towel and go to troutbeads.com.
  7. It shall never die! As long as I have an internet connection at work...

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  9. Aaaannd...We're back.
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  11. Wow, I am honestly speechless. Thanks.
  12. Hey man, you can't just walk in here and steal my two trademarks. "Sportsball" is MY word!
  13. Ha! I didn't even realize this was where I heard it.
  14. So I learned something valuable that I would like to pass on to the other noobs once again. I want to talk about fly line storage. If you are going to store your fly line say off the reel and back on the original packaging, do not wrap it tight. I learned the hard way that fly line indeed has memory. I temporarily removed my shooting line off of my reel, and indeed wound it tight on its packaging spool. Once it was back on the reel, and I was fishing I found that the line was shooting terribly. I noticed that my line was very rough. So I found that stretching it back out to take the ripples out of it helped with the shoot ability greatly. So if you store your lines tight it will cause memory problems with the line, and I also found that with the temperature droping the line acts differently now almost stiffer in some way vs soft and supple with it was warm during the summer. Just another contribution from your friendly neighborhood DanielOcean.
  15. did you jack up your new running line? if so i got airflow tactical or amnesia 50 lb
  16. swung hoh Saturday, caught a bullie and might have missed a hatch brat but i'll never know :( any other spey rookies go out?
  17. i fished the stilly on sunday and did get a grab on the swing, switch over to centerpin and caught 2 25"+ bulls and several smaller bulls to hand. saw one bait guy pull out a pretty dinky summer hatch buck
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  18. Was not able to make it out this weekend. Had fun replacing the steering rack and pinion assembly out of my Taurus.
  19. hard to catch steelhead when your not fishing, dan there should be some fresh fish this weekend with the rain
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