A Sea Run's eating habits

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  1. Who said cutthroat only use size and movement to determine prey? Not me.

    Two of the major food sources for cutthroat (per study by Dr. Joe Jacquet, not anecdotal evidence read here) are clam necks and salmonid eggs.

  2. got a good clam neck fly?
  3. I got a great one Kelvin, a tiny bit of "white rabbit" on a little hook. A few years ago a friend said he talked to a real old guy and thats all he ever used for cutts, and said he always did well. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
  4. How did he retrieve it? Or did her dead drift it?
  5. He didn't say, but I would assume dead drift or a very....very....very...slow retrieve would do the trick. I thought about trying it but never got around to it. I'm sure there are times when it might work well.
  6. fry it in corn meal and rub some tartar sauce on it
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