A seven minute 'mental coffee break.'

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Never fished for Atlantic Salmon, but I think that's my loss ....... :beathead:

  2. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson the flavor of BADFISH

    old Henrik makes that look so easy.
  3. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Indeed he does, indeed he does. Thing that's always interested me (just the way it's done?) is every AS film clip I've seen the casting is always 'down and across,' more often than not a single spey.

    Or is just me?:confused::rolleyes:

  4. Ed Call

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    Yeah, he makes that look pretty darn easy. Thanks Fred.
  5. golfman65

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    I love his DVD's and while watching them more for the fishing, I also always pick up new stuff from his casting..

    He does go down and across Fred,allot more typical of the scandi style...He explains in one of his dvd's that he wants the fly to come from the bank and across the fish...He doesn't like the idea of the fish seeing the fly coming down at it...

    Hope that helps...
  6. Steve Saville

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    Several years ago, I had a friend who lived in Newfoundland. He said you have to stand behind the trees to tie your flies on. Since then, Newfoundland has always been on my bucket list. Someday, I'll find out if he was telling the truth.
  7. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    In deed it does. Often wondered about the (never seen 'different') with AS fishing Vid's .. always down and across ... never across and an up-stream mend to get the fly first as it moves down river. Must be a deal on the aggressiveness of the fish?

  8. floatinghat

    floatinghat Member

    Wow, you guys are making down and across sound like a new concept.
  9. fullerfly

    fullerfly Calvin Fuller

    I love watching that fish take!
  10. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Not at all, as that's the 'norm' for summer run fishing on the Deschuts here in Oregon. But each cast is a 'swing' vs a 'deep down and dirty, and up-stream mend.' Just a hummmmm on my part.

  11. inland

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    By law eastern Canada's salmon rivers are nearly all restricted to flyfishing. Where weighted flies are mostly illegal. In some provinces so are sink tips. The sport of the game IS to bring the fish to your fly. Nymphing is just as effective for these fish as it is for steelhead. And was outlawed to help prevent snagging (or flossing)- also for 'fair chase' reasons (like the N. Ump summer rules). Pool rotation ettiquette (moving between each cast) is expected.

    Casting upstream to sink your fly can easily be construed as attempting to snag the fish. Which is not tolerated.

    The thing you need to notice with this video is HOW he is manipulating the fly. He does change the casting angle and subsequently the fly speed. But it is the fly movement that seals the deal. These fish can (and mostly are) be quite a bit more finicky reguarding swing speed, fly movement and even pattern size. IMO a lot more challenging.

  12. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Great info William; my knowledge of Atlantic Salmon fishing extends to U-tube film clips ... with one major exception .. and that's some of the fly patterns used. The Cascade and Flamethrower's done on Double Silver Salar hooks have been the 'cat's meow' for me over the past few seasons.

  13. floatinghat

    floatinghat Member

    Fred those doubles might not be legal in fly water either.

    The single (spey and malt) have been my go to's for a long time.
  14. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    "Fred those doubles might not be legal in fly water either." 90% of the time they are unless there is a prohibition on a stream/section thereof. Game Reg's will tell you what you can/can't do (when and where, time to 'wet your thumb and start flipping through the Reg's Ever notice that it takes a Lawyer to figure out some of this stuff??:ray1:).

  15. floatinghat

    floatinghat Member

    Yeah, pretty much what I said there aren't legal ( or were not) in Flyfishing or single only waters or seasons. Brings up the question, is fishing doubles not considered Flyfishing? when I fished in Scotland they told me to put away my singles and gave me double and trebles. I got funny looks when I smashed the barbs :)
  16. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Dear God! I'll just bet you did ("smashed the barbs") ... "got funny looks" that is. Gotta love the Brits, Scot's, et al. Given a choice, (well, they do do a lot of singles) the hook of choice appears to be a small double or treble hook. That aside, some of the best Steelhead flies I've used were tied for me by 'Brit-Buddies' off a UK based Fora. Cascades and Flamethrower to be exact, done on double silver Salar hooks. "Mr. Fish" just looked at these things (which they did a lot) and YOU'RE MINE!!

    Some of those AS ties really, really work for winter run Steelhead.