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  1. I think the sign a neighbor has next to his front door covers it all. The sign reads:

    "No Solicitors, Divine or otherwise."
  2. Fortunately, Montana's AG and the Supreme Court have already weighed in on this issue in recent past and upheld public doctrine and access to rivers and streams...so the heavy lifting is on the elitists backs presently. It's clear however that they continue to want exclusive rights to our nations treasures... so we need to remain vigil in the response against such actions.

    I got harassed on the upper Ruby last year from one of the elitist's hired thugs. I explained how I gained access (which was completely legal) and he informed me I was trespassing and had to leave. I told him to eat a shit sandwich and fished on. He said he was going to call the sherriff and I told him to do whatever he had to. Two hours later, no sherriff and when I returned to my rig, which was also legally parked, no one around. I was fully prepared to engage my lawyer if anything had transpired...to include bringing suit for harassment. Certainly, having to deal with stuff like this makes for a crappy day on the river... hell, we're out trying to enjoy a sport...period.

    Montana Sportsman, PLWA and others have been putting up the good fight for many years. They need support from those who share the cause and spending $20 for a annual membership helps pay the bills and build a coalition that legislators and judges must consider.
  3. This is what we do in Oregon. If approached by a "land owner" we are polite and explain the US and Oregon river rights. Carry a small note pad and ask the person hassling you their name and address. Most of us carry a pamphlet that explains river rights and you can show them that if you'd like. If the guy claims he is going to call the sheriff, tell him you'll wait.

    As the AG has made an opinion on the subject and a judge in Wallowa County upheld that opinion as valid, a precedent has been set.

    If the guy does give you his name, report him to the county AG and ask if he plans to bring charges against you and if not, you'd like to lodge a complaint against the person who harassed you.

    There are specific rivers in Oregon where we know the land owners will harass you and claim they are calling the sheriff yet one never shows up.

    At one time, a group of us were instrumental in starting a group that eventually became these folks:


    They are our guardians who are watching and waiting for another war with the land owners who do not understand, nor want to accept, our River Rights.... and another battle will most certainly come.
  4. Good point Gene. I should have clarified that I did politely tell him I was there legally... before I told him to eat a shit sandwich :D

    I had not thought about contacting MT's AG's office and asking about their recommendations reporting this type of on stream harassment... curious if any of our other MT resident forum members have dealt with this. on which rivers, and whether they followed up with the local or state authorities?
  5. I think the intent of the person who harassed you on the Ruby knew you were legal and never intended to call the sheriff. His sole purpose was to make you have a shitty day and hope it will encourage you to leave and not come back.

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