A Snoqualmie Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Luv2Spey, Nov 4, 2002.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I C&R'd a nice buck steely (30" +) in the Snoqualmie (above Fall city in a run I call the "brown house pool"). The fish was beautifully colored - Red gill plates and red stripe down the side, heavily spotted. I believe this one could have been a wild fish. His adipose was present, tho' misshapen. He was clearly a summer run as he looked thin, like he'd been in the river a while.

    Can't really gloat because my wife had the camera today. So, I'll just provide some pertinent details in case it might help someone else who might be fishing the snoqualmie this week.

    The water was 40 degrees F, the time was 3:00 PM. This was somewhat odd, because all of the fishing reports I've heard are that Snoqualmie steelhead are available mostly to the dawn patrol.

    I used a fly of my own making, so I can't give you a name, but it's a #4 dee fly with a tail of red hackle, a body of purple wool yarn, silver tinsel rib, red shlappen hackle. The dee wings were taken from a tan turkey feather.

    The fly was presented subsurface and greased down and across. I always use a Duncan Loop for this kind of presentation because the fly [supposedly] wobbles somewhat erratically (sic).

    Also, a spey caster and his black lab were fishing the pool when I arrived. I waved at you and went about 1/4 mile upstream. You were driving a green ford exploder - Just like mine. I caught this fish just below where you left off to go further downstream.

    Also, met another member of the forum, Rusty Hook - Also a spey caster.

    Life is good.


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    Hey that's good news about the Steelhead. I went out on the grass and practiced my Spey casting for the first time today. I actually got it to do what I wanted it to do. I kept thinking about what Derek Brown says on his tape. "No aigreecultural rowboughtic moovemints" (Sorry my accent sucks). Anyway, the grass is one thing, the water another.

    I'm not going to be able to make it to the Carnation Spey Clave. I have to work and that is too far to drive. I've kind of worked a way to teach myself. With a video camera, I've recorded the Spey movements from tape. Then on the last part of the tape, I record myself casting. I can watch Derek Brown and then watch myself on the video camera. Not pretty, but effective.

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    Cheers Michael! That's fabulous! Perhaps it's time you purchase a second camera!

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    My sincerest gratitude, for your detailed report and the freely shared notes on technique.

    I, for one, took great pleasure in reading about someone catching a steelhead! at last!

    Knowing the area of your description, it was easy to clearly picture the event and enjoy it, after the fact, with you.

    Best wishes and I hope you find many more.

    PS: A second camera couldn't hurt.

    LB :COOK
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    Sounds like a good one. Way to go and good report. :THUMBSUP
    I always say I'm going to fish the Snoqualmie but I've never done it.
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    When you say Green Ford Exploder, are you talking about a green ford explorer? I have a 94 Green Explorer with 121,000 miles on her and she still purrs like a cat.

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    Yup. Mine's a '96 with 102,000 miles and I love it.

    And, yes, I call 'em Exploders :BIGSMILE

    ...So, was that you on the Snoqualmie yesterday?


  8. flyfishnm Member

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    Nope, sorry I had to work yesterday.:ANGRY , but I went on Sunday :LOVEIT