A Sunny Day on Hood Canal

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by dryflylarry, Nov 1, 2011.

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    My friend and I made it out on the Hood Canal for a late morning to afternoon sea run fishing. We got there just after high tide and fished until a couple of hours before the low. The best fishing was a couple hours before the low. We used a variety of flies. My friend was using an intermediate and I was using a dry line. Since the tide was on the high side, the intermediate did the job better than the dry line today. (Not counting he’s a better fisherman than I, but, we both have our days!) We caught a variety of sizes up to a couple of 18 inchers, and number of 16’s, 14’s, and on down. My friend was using a small pink marabou clouser and some flatwings later on. My Popsicle Stick didn’t pay off today, so I finally switched to a number of different flies and picked up a number of smaller fish. My friend landed a nice 18” cutt. I landed a nice 16” a little while later. I don’t normally catch the ebb at the top of the tide, but have always had better luck at the last 2-3 hours before low. About this time my friend and I separated on the beach one on one side of the point and the other way on the other side. The magic hour arrived. I started poking fish and a few fish were showing on the surface. I landed several fish and missed a couple of heavy slashes. I put on an old beat up marabou squid pattern and not long afterward hooked up with a hard heavy strike. She leaped out of the water and I got a good look at her. Big. I would guess a good 20” range and fat. The fight lasted maybe a minute with another monster leap of 3 feet or better twisting and rolling at the same time. After the leap and a second later she threw the fly in my face. A deserved escape from DFL. Darn. In the meantime, I was wondering what my friend was doing on the other side of the beach. I walked over and he said, “I hope your fishing turned on as mine did while you were gone.” “Yup”, I said. He landed something like 7 fish and one at 18” and lost another pig. It was a good day, and I have a slight sunburn. I got to see a Kingfisher and watched and listened to the Loon nearby. What more can you ask for?
  2. Rob Ast

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    Great looking fish, glad you got into them Larry.
  3. Dustin Bise

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    That is one hell of a SRC (middle fish)

    Thanks for the report. My first fish ever was on a SRC i had tied from the various things my grandfather gave me. It was on one of my first tied flies too. I think ill always have a soft spot for SRC
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    Great report, good going!
  6. Steve Knapp

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    Great report and pictures, I need to head to the Hood Canal this week. I keep thinking I'll try chasing chum, but forget it for now, SRC fishing it is.
  7. Stonefish

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    Nice work Larry :thumb:
  8. Dustin Bise

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    still trolling i see wolfmanfly
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    good going Larry-boy! I'll say it again, BIG SRCs over Chum anyday!!!! Hope thats "THE" same spot, lets take my boat out there and the surrounding areas in a week or so eh?
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    Sound and looks like a "magical" sea-run cutthroat fishing day on Hood Canal!

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    Damn man, that is one big cutty. I'm drooling!
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    Excellent, beautiful fish. For those intrested in getting into the sea run cutthroat game, lots to see and learn in those photos and this report.
  13. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Wow, it doesn't get better than that! Sounds like an amazing day, thanks for the report!
  14. Those days are the reasons we endure rain drenched skunkings. SOLID!
  15. mtskibum16

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    Wow looks like some amazing fishing! Need to get by butt out there!
  16. Mark Mercer

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    It was a fantastic day, but don't listen to DFL he usually kicks my butt when we fish for cutts. New guys, listen to what Larry says, he knows a lot about SRC's and how to be
    successful fishing for them.
  17. Wow! I'm jealous.........big time!
  18. Patrick Gould

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    What a great inspirational report Larry. I'm on the wetside often, I really need to get into this fishery.
  19. DimeBrite

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    Well played sir! Those cutthroat are way nicer than those skinny ones Roger Stephens has been catching. :clown:
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