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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Blomquist, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. I am thinking about trying to assemble a FAQ about fly fishing Washington, for fishing for Salmon and Steelhead, and for saltwater converts, and for those asking if their local streams have fish.

    I think it would help the majority of the questioners that come to this site with questions in that they would get their information faster and the forum would get less bogged down with folks asking those questions.

    I would suggest that the FAQs would be in the format of general consensus for the body of the FAQ, followed by others outlying comments.

    To wit: in the steelhead FAQ their might be a statement "we suggest no less than a 5 weight rod, preferably a 6 to 7 weight rod when fishing for summer runs" At the end of the document there might be the comment that "Cowlitz Master and Skykomish Sunrise both like to fish 2 weights for summer steelhead and Skagit Monster prefers an 11 weight with a 650 grain head for Skagit summer runs."

    Is there any interest? Maybe we can get Chris to put them up on the front page.

  2. Might work but I think those kind of questions will always appear. It might cut down some on the volume.

  3. Just to throw my 50 cents in. I just started fly fishing this year and i've got a lot of questions and not many fish, so in that regard it sounds like a good reference. On the other hand, the forum as an online community would seem a little more distant to a neophyte if every question was refered to the backlog for address. I think that often times the answers include a lot of extra information that is more useful than the answer sought.
  4. I like the idea of the FAQ, and yes Rob, it would absolutely be front page worthy.

    Right now you'll rarely hear me refer someone to old threads since the current forums software isn't fast enough to provide search results in an expedient manor. That'll change soon enough though. When it does I may start suggesting at least that searches be performed prior to posts for those new to the forum. It wouldn't be directed at newbies though so much as to those that haven't been frequenting the forum to know if a subject has been previously hashed to death.

    I think the target isn't to hold back anyone from posting their questions, but to provide info or resources proactively. The result in some cases might be more intelligent / focused questions, which, would open the door to the extra info you referred to Ben.

    Good idea Rob.

  5. Well put.
  6. I think the FAQ section is an excellent idea. One idea may be for users to be able to "contribute" answers or comments. Then perhaps searchers could direct further, more focused questions directly to particular people, either through the board or the private messaging system.

    I think it's clear that most people on this board do not begrudge answering questions, from the basic inquiries of novices to specific, technical queries to giving up the goods on locations. And it's equally clear that some of us dearly relish the opportunity to hold forth, often to everybody's benefit. That's not really the issue, I think. Some people, particularly novices, might be insecure about asking some of the more basic questions, and I'm sure the opportunity to find information without having to ask would be welcome. Being able to refer people to past threads would also be helpful, not just to save us some trouble, either. Many of those threads contain a lot of excellent information, insights, and entertaining exchanges, some of which might not necessarily make it back into a redux.

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