A Two Hundred Mile Fish

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I awoke this morning in Kent at 3AM, was out of the house and on the road at 3:30AM. At 5:30, I met Eric (Big E) and Mumbles (Ed Call), who were already fishing. It was a perfect morning - overcast, no wind, an outgoing tide, and only a dozen other anglers spread out along the beach. The only thing missing were salmon on anybody's line.

    Later, I took a long walk down the cove, entered the water past the last fisherman and walked backwards through the water while slowly stripping a #2 coho popper. A couple hundred yards later, a 5 lb. silver turned on my fly and fell on it's sword for me. That was it for the day. On the way home, I stopped at a couple other beaches including PNP to see if there was any action. No action and lots of tossed salad.

    I took the first of three naps in the waiting line on the road at the Kingston ferry. The second nap was in the parking area and the third was on the car deck. I even slept through the car alarms that seem to accompany all ferry rides nowadays. I woke up as the drivers around me began starting their engines. I quickly stretched and promptly got horrendous painful cramps in both my hamstrings. I have a stick shift and I gotta tell you guys, I barely made it off the ferry and into the parking lot at Goldies where I dragged my sorry ass out of the car, drank all the water I had and stretched the cramps away.

    On the way out of Edmonds, in the ferry waiting line along the road, two cops were sorting out a three car fender bender. How do three cars run into each other while creeping along in the ferry line?

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    This tale is similar to many of my experiences minus the leg cramps. But hey, you got a silver on the BBQ so life is good. Next time you hit a good pod of fish it will be that much sweeter.
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    Yeah my line and fly's seem to be attracted to that salad lately, so i've been doing the

    200 yard (yeah my hamstrings would cramp up after 200 miles :) too ) walks myself to

    avoid the spinach.

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    PNP was really bad this am! Congrats on the catch Leland
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    As always, it was great fishing with you. I'm finally glad that you were able to catch a fish...I guess I'm not totally bad mojo even though you were a ways away from me when you caught the fish.

    I know that when I go out like that, the rest of the day is shot. I don't think I could do what you do. You'd see me parked in ferry waiting line for the rest of the day. ;)

    I would say that it was probably the slowest day for fish sign. "Like fishing a desert" as Leland put it. Hopefully after the rain midweek, the fish will start to show. Something has got to change so that I can get some good mojo on my new rod.

    Speaking of my rod, Mumbles only fondled it over the watchful eye of Leland. He said he didn't want to play with it further as he would want it for himself. I think he just needs to expand his horizon and stop being a rodphobe. :)

    As always, a beatiful day with great and new friends, epic fishing, but lowsy catching.
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    My account of the day was a bit different. I arrived at Big E's place at O-Dark-Early as directed. He hit me with a monsterous haymaker, stuffed me in the bed of his pickup truck, gear and all, shut the locking tonneau cover and locked me in. He drove like Mario Andretti tossing me about in the back like an unrestrained rag doll. He let me out when we arrived at the beach. I was queasy from carsickness as I'm know to get when I'm not able to keep my eyes focused on the horizon. As soon as I was out and dusted off, albeit a bit groggy from that monster haymaker (Big E is a BIG DUDE) up drives Leland. He breaks out the duct tape (he always has two rolls in his car). He walked up, shook my hand, "hello mumbles" and then put that tape over my mouth. He then took some horse blinders and duct taped them to my bald head. His instruction were "get out there and get at them" and "keep focused on the water" and "don't try to figure out where you are".

    The water looked great and at one time he and I exchanged looks and both knew it was sure nice to have a beautiful stretch of beach to our small group of three. I did not see him land his five pounder, but his hands were slimy for sure. I could not bear to cast Big E's new Helios switch for fear of being green with envy. I hoisted it, it was wicked light, and then I handed it back. I'll stick with my own quiver I guess. It was awesome to fish with both of these guys. For the record the first paragraph is all BS...the last is all REAL.
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    I'm not big, I'm just good breeding stock....well that's what the Hutterites in MT told me and I'm sticking with that.

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    Big E, I read your post. Are you my daddie?