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  1. FE427TP

    FE427TP The Great Sage

    If you choose to use your name as your login please do not post your town also. And if you have a unique name consider not using your name at all. It is VERY easy to find a lot of personal information by someone using this information. Using your name and town can easily reveal your home address, pictures of your home and vehicles, which bank holds the mortgage to your home, or deed if you have taken loans against your home, property taxes you have or have not paid, a scanned copy of your signature, your spouses name and signature potentially times that you are and are not at home and other personal information you may not realize is public record and free to anyone to see/ viewable by anyone who reads this site members or not. I stumbled across the resources that provided it by accident while looking up crime rates in my neighborhood. But if I can find the resources that provide this level of personal information which is freely available public record about members on this site by accident you can be sure that people with criminal intent already know how to find it as well. Please consider what personal information you provide with great caution as the personal information I see available from what members on this site are freely providing is a identity theif's dream come true.
  2. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Hi, my name is Evan Burck, and I live in Redmond Washington. 5'9", 170lbs, brown hair, brown eyes (two of them).
  3. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    This information is available for most people in the local phone book, IE name address phone number etc. However,this along with other pieces we don't think much about posting can harm you. don't post specifics on here such as family leaving on vacation in Oregon June 25- July 14Th this along along with name and home city etc. that is a great way to get burglarized. If you want to have your eyes opened, google your name. Your address, your phone number with area code. also if your a property owner look up your county assessors office and see whats online about you and your neighbours.

  4. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    I'm paranoid. Everyone is out to get me. I constantly feel eyes staring at me. I'm always looking over my shoulder.
  5. Derek Young

    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

    Protected by Smith & Wesson.
  6. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    Doesn't do you a bit of good if your off fishing in Oregon at the time.

  7. FE427TP

    FE427TP The Great Sage

    Outside of a couple of cities Oregon is an open carry state, as long as it's not concealed he's still good to go. And unlike WA he can carry a loaded firearm in his car as long as it's not concealed and he's not in the 3 or 4 cities that prohibit it.
  8. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I just did a search on Google and I came up with over 400,000 hits. I don't think that anybody is going to come up with anything on me. You can't get to me thru my phone as I use a cell phone. So it's not listed in the local phone book.

    Why do people get up tight when they think someones out to get them.
  9. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    Smith and Wesson will not keep him from being burglarized in Washington when he is in Oregon with the Smith and Wesson. His house is still sitting there unprotected. smith or no smith.

  10. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Does if you live at the end of a dead end road with a heavily armed retired Marine as a next door neighbor and a heavily armed red neck, avid hunter on the other side. Both are very aware of who should be at my house and who should not as I am of thiers. We all share a common goal when it comes to strangers; find out what they are doing and make it known if you are up to no good you could get shot.
  11. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    When neighbors are looking out for neighbors the world is a harmonic place.
  12. FE427TP

    FE427TP The Great Sage

    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life" Robert Heinlein
  13. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    Your not insured by smith and wesson, your insured by good neighbours. somehow this sounds like a state farm add

  14. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    The purpose of this post was not firearms or not, the purpose of this post was too much information on the net. As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I don't care what brand firearm you have in your home,( I personally like a Winchester 12 gauge) burglars like to steal firearms and like homes with guns in them. Ask the NRA the choice firearm of felons are stolen fire arms, stolen from people who are "Insured by Smith and Wesson" ETC.

    I won't go into the type of trouble posting or bumper sticker with sayings like that can get you into if you ever have to use a firearm in self defence then have to defend your self in court.

    If your not home and you post that information on the net or in the newspaper your risking a burglary. Just as the good old NRA sticker on the back of the truck can get you targeted for a truck prowl or a vehicle searching at the Canadian boarder. Go ahead and post your name address and days you will be fishing out of state, make it easy for the bad guys to schedule the burglary.

    NRA Life member
    Retired Law Enforcement.
  15. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Not going to disagree with this but I live in Skagit County and it seems that the juries up here tend to go with the defender in cases where someone gets killed by a home owner. Not too long ago here in Skagit County a guy shot two people on his front porch, killing one and severely wounding the other. Neither had entered his home and neither was armed. He was acquitted of all charges. Apparently he convinced the jury he had fear for his and/or his daughter's life. Not saying this is a reason to start shooting folks that don’t belong at your home but at least this guy was able to defend himself and have a jury back him up.http://www.goskagit-wip.com/home/article/coble_not_guilty_on_all_counts/
  16. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Dang Kerry, is that why you sent me that invitation? That is harsh man!
  17. Eric-WD

    Eric-WD Member

    its the civil trials that are a bitch, (just ask OJ) there the burden of proof goes from 101 percent to 51 percent and its all about the money. you can be justified in the shooting and still be bankrupt with the family of the guy you shot driving your car and living in your house.

  18. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Right you are; http://www.goskagit.com/home/articl...obles_over_fatal_shooting_settled_for_300000/.

    From the same case I posted before. Home owners insurance covered the civil suit.

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