A Washington story..

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    So I'm looking at the flows on a couple rivers up north and they are too high for my liking...so I decided to, in some futility to hit a river down here that I can still enjoy the bull trout action on...and this time I took instead of my back up rod and reel....my little 2wt single hander as I've seen some, what I assume are cutties at a few creek mouths...

    I head out on Sat. (my only day to get away) and find that the spot I've been fishing, which even in the worst of times is still fishable...isn't!!! Sheeeit !!! not even close...that sucker is blown and blown big..

    I head up to check out a few spots and it's no better...I'm sitting in a parking lot still in my waders and wondering if it would have been better if I stayed home and worked today? How bad is that?

    I am frustrated beyond belief...each week it seems to only get worse...half days of fishing that are proving fruitless more and more...even my evening fly tying sessions have lapsted...I have no motivation to tie for wild twigs and branches right now...

    In these cases, you can do one of two things....pack it up or go looking for new water...

    I figured to hell with it....it's a long drive and I don't know the flow worth a shit...but with a call into a buddy who does and a couple spots given..( IF I can find them) I'm off on a long drive to an unknown for the most part destination....

    Weather changes from sun to clouds to fog to rain to sun and clouds again all in the matter of a drive..

    I actually found the first spot and it's not looking crowded..I walk down and find one older gentleman fishing and notice a fish roll up high above him....I ask if he wants me in anywhere? Up down..it doesn't matter to me....the water is clear for the most part and that alone makes me incredibly happy..
    He says..."If you can cast that far, you can go above me"....which I thought pretty cool....We chat for a bit and he says..."you can have at it, I've been here long enough and it's your turn" and he heads off down river to a spot he tells me is worth checking out when I get bored up here...Very cool running to guys like that, especially on a pretty much new river to me...

    I started with a skated dry but the current wasn't beneficial to that...tried a dead drift then skate..nope no go....put a wet fly on but for the first time in awhile the dryline wasn't working like I wanted....

    I switched over to a type 3 tip and dug out one of my green butted steelie flies...worked my way up against the bank as far as I could go...found a rock to stand on so I was only waist deep but could at least make a cack handed cast...and started to work the flow where the swing was much better..

    Got to the spot where I was thinking..."Hmmm that's pretty close to where I saw a fish roll"...great little grease line swing just starting...The kind of cast and swing where in the back of your mind your saying..."damn that's what I've been looking for" and for some reason when your unconscious self thinks that way it happens...sometimes...

    The fish hit so hard, one of those rarities...I didn't have to set the hook to shore...Hell I didn't have to do anything but hang on...My line was burning out and my little taupo wasn't singing...she was screaming.....I thought..."Oh shit...I've hooked a nook somehow"...My line burned over to the other bank and was heading downstream fast....I jumped off the rock into almost the top of my wader depth and chased as best I could the fish down to where I could get my feet under me...a good ten yards..with my rod bent sideways and my fingers on the spool...

    This fish was hot and the only slack I could get was by going downstream on it....I pick up what line I can and am laughing to myself at how much that damn Hardy taupo is howling.....

    A fish like this, you just have to let it do it's thing....it ran against my bent rod and fingers...I reeled in what I could, when I could....slowly giving it as much pressure off the rod as I dared...and honestly just enjoying the hell out what has been a dismal spring and summer of crappy water fishing....

    I slowly start to pick up line and am getting the fish to behave and come in by small steps...when my reel goes silent and I feel line falling....Shit..I know this feeling...the pawl is gone...I was quick enough this time to grab the line so no slack got to the fish and had to play the fish off free spool till the end....

    I finally slid up between me and the beach what turns out to be a beautiful summer run steelhead buck.....I took my tape out and measured him at just a tad over 29"...not a huge fish but thick and healty....popped the fly and held him by the tail in the current...he didn't seem to want to split to fast so I was able to just kneel there in the water and admire him for a bit...quite a fish and I thanked him for the battle and for reviving my steelhead spirit ...

    Off he went to the depths of the other side of the river...now I had to figure out what happened to my new reel....I hiked back to the truck thinking I would grab my 7wt rod and reel that I have packed every weekend for mid belly casting practice....and remembered...shit, I only have my little two weight with me....I always pack a back up reel but found I didn't this time either as I had...the two weight with me.....Took the taupo apart where it was safe in case I dropped parts...and it had blown up it's spring....

    Well...a cigar and sip of single malt that has been sitting idle in my bag for months...a toast to a fine fish on what started out as a hopeless day....That was good enough for me...

    It's times like these you think that the camera you've packed unused for months would have been nice...LoL....shit and shioles....but even that was fine...just feels good to get the spirit back...
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    Great story! thanks for sharing.
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    You call it 'A Washington Story'... I call it fish porn. Nice job and great story!
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    Saaaweeet! That day's logged into your grey matter for all eternity...ya just gotta love this sport.
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    Awesome story...what really happened? You stayed in bed all day?
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    Awesome story and congrats on the fish!
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    On first reading I thought you were using a type 3 tip on your 2 wt and making cach handed casts with it. I see now that the 2 wt was your second, or back up rod in your rig.

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    I had this dream..
  9. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Unsure which is uglier, that dude or the dead fish.
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    The dude, fer sure. Welcome home Ed!
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    Nice report...it does seem to happen that way...expected or unexpected it's always unusual! Congrats.
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    Nice report but a new $700 Hardy blown up by a 29" fish? I am more committed than ever to keeping my Lamson Konic :<)
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    What an awesome story & report!! Thanks for sharing and throwing up a glimmer of hope.
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    Yeah...that wasn't cool..but the taupo's springs aren't too impressive..fine for trout and big bulls etc. but not so much for that hot of a fish...On the bright side, I got Archuleta making me beefier springs for it...
    That reel balances my 6wt spey the best..but to be honest, I kind of wish I had stuck with the ugly duckling abel switch reel in a way..
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    Great report, great story, well done.
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    Thanks for sharing
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    wow! great story! thank you for sharing!