A week camping in the rainforest: Give me food ideas

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Evan Burck, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    They are having a 10 for $10.00 deal on cup-a noodle at safeway right now , that and a case of budweiser and your set. I go to the O.P. for steelhead fishing not fancy dinning
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    One thing I've been doing is pre-making foil pouches of marinated meat (steak, chicken, etc), sometimes a whole stir-fry, potatoes and bacon, fajitas fillings, or just get creative...

    Just toss the whole thing on the fire coals, crack a beer and move it around a bit to heat evenly. It's been my best camp food idea yet - especially for solo trips. Pre package the foil pouches, put the whole thing into ziplocks and go. I really like cooking this way in the colder months because you can stay toasty by the fire while it's cooking. A lot easier when you're getting back to camp after dark!

    One of my favorites is Austrailian Damper Bread (google it for a recipe, most are pretty similar). Its a heavy-duty bread and you can make the dough at home, wrap in a foil pouch and toss on the fire coals to cook. It's always turned out awesome and it's heavy and hearty when you're hungry.

    The nice thing about these meals is all can be tossed on the fire, tossed on the grill (in the pouch), or just dump it into a skillet. No on-site prep work saves tons of dishes and labor when you're tired. You can freeze the pouches once prepared to make them further in advance or to help them keep for longer trips...
  4. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Budweiser? I'd cancel my trip before I had to drink bullshit near beer.
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    I'm picturing a scene in the movie "Saw" where Evan has an iron clamshell device strapped onto his neck that will snap closed, sending steel spikes through his head. All he has to do to escape this predicament is guzzle a Bud Light. Will he do it, or will he have his head crushed by the rusty, iron, venus fly trap? The clock is ticking.... :rofl:
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    Im thinking fresh red surf perch.
  7. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    His head gets smashed in the end. He won't drink it.
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    dutch oven biscuits and sausage gravy
    no doubt about it
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    Yeah, and drink plenty of Evan's beers to wash those 1500mgs of salt down per cup-a-noodle!!!!!!!
  10. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Got some good ideas! Thanks guys! Also going to do enchiladas and jambalaya in the Dutch oven. Got some good eats planned out!
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    Which campground? I'll be looking for some of those good eats.
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    All this good food talk is making me hungry again........
  13. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    ~Turkey Bacon, eggs (crack and bring in container), S&P, bread. We also bring along the Bialetti for 2. Great camp espresso.

    ~Bring a big sandwich from Safeway (Take lettuce and tomatoes out so it doesn't get soggy), put in gallon zip lock bags

    ~I like the idea of the pre-marinated, already to go food in the foil pouch, just throw on fire. I was gonna say bring a fillet and some potato salad and call it good?

    Always good to have Tapatio, garlic, and a little thing of Mayo, Catsup and mustard.
  14. NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

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    Or you can buy two cases of MRE's at your local Army/Navy Surplus. There are 12 meals in each box. That will get you through 6 days each then on one day you can eat fish or something local. The MRE's are packaged in a heavy duty box which will pack well and come with there own heaters. I pack these all the time when backpacking, I will open the package and take out all the stuff I won't need. They also have snacks in them and mosy importantly. TP
  15. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    Lamb Chops on the grill - the t-bone ones are the best
    grilled aspargus
    Salad - you can pre-chop the veggies at home
    Fried or boiled yukon golds with Italian parsley and butter
    crusty bread

    Smoked salmon
    Cheese of your choice
    cured meats of your choice
    more crusty bread

    Bacon or smoked salmon
    fried yukon golds with onions
    (or make a hash with the leftover dinner lamb and potatoes. Egg on top if you like)
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  16. John Dougher Member

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    At home mix some eggs with onions, peppers, cheese, pre-cooked sausage (whatever) put it in Zip Lock freezer bags and boil @ campsite.
    Same process for dinner, entree your choice.
  17. dfl Active Member

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    Smoked hog jowl can be eaten with or without frying. Thick sliced bacon and smoked pork ribs. Eggs with danish sweet rolls both fried in bacon grease for breakfast will keep you going all day with sliced jowl for snack food. Supper is ribs. They can be prepared at home and keep well.
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  18. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    Perfect - in fact I think I'll cook some jowl and eggs right now
  19. Achilles Member

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    "The trick is to not make things so complicated...."
  20. Bradley Miller Dances with fish

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    MRE's can be used effectively, at least as a decent backup.
    I like to prepare everything I take at home first, to the degree that I can.
    Pancakes always rock. Bacon always tastes better than it should. Oatmeal always works, if you don't forget the chocolate chips and brown sugar. Pan searing meats is fast, easy, tender and tasty. Soups are cold weather liquid miracles.
    Not that I don't like cooking outdoors..........I do. But minimizing the hassle adds to
    the experience, rather than adding drudgery.
    Anyway, I usually reduce the essence and maximize the taste and comfort.

    I even like camping in the winter rains.....if I can get a view and a campfire.