A winter break to Christmas Island

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    P1120288.JPG Even though I spent 30 years battling the Alaskan winters I now find myself struggling with Washington's winters. After cashing in some Alaska Air miles I was looking for a warm place that is affordable and offers good fishing. Christmas Island fits those criteria perfectly. Great accommodations, good food, culturally inspiring, 1/1 guides and fishing for 7 days all for the cost of hiring a guide for 2 days on the Kispiox River. Bones and Giant Trevally are what is most commonly found on the flats . With my Helio 8 and 12 wt and my ninja outfit I am ready to warm my soul and experience a new world. Fishing was good to excellent for the time I was there. Bones to 8lbs and Giant Trevally to 60 lbs. If your club would like a full presentation don't hesitate to contact me. P1090147.jpg P1090153.JPG P1100188.jpg P1130335.JPG photo.JPG
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    Simply awesome !
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    Did you see any whale sharks?
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    I lived 3 glorious, fish-filled years in Micronesia. The first question in the morning was, "Should I go fishing now, or after breakfast?" Thanks for the memories.

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    I hate you :p
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    30 winters in Alaska (King Salmon?), you earned every minute of this trip. Good on ya!!!
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    Very awesome.
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    Nice! I love that place.
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