A winter steelhead report of sorts… aka, steelhead fool….

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by chadk, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. cool... ive never had a problem with my phone getting wet (knock on wood) but that would be a nice next phone just in case!

  2. Stick it in the fridge overnight. Serious.
  3. Chad- good solid story, love to see more...Boot
  4. Not the fridge, the freezer (frost-free model).

    The water freezes to a solid, and then sublimates to a gas, without going from solid-liquid as it thaws.

    I've rescued many dunked electronic devices by doing this. Pull the batteries, shake out the excess water ASAP, and put it in the freezer for a few days.
  5. Work swing shift. Then you can fish all morning. ;)
  6. Nice Chad! I haven't done this recently, but I have done the same. It's so sweet to be able to sneak out for a few hours before or even during work at times...

    Many times I'm thinking about work, and occasionally even have had a little bit of inspiration or solved a problem that I'm working on while getting ready or focused on other things like fishing anyway. The main thing is how refreshed, mentally, I am after getting out even for a short stint on the water!

  7. Hey Chad. It sounds like one of your usual outings. Get up, go out, get wet, and go to work. I would of gone home by the time it really started to snow and blow. But knowning you, you will stay out in a blizzard.

    He has so little water time. And all work.

  8. Great story Chad. I've been unable to fish for almost three weeks now. So hearing that story makes me NOT miss fishing. :rolleyes:
  9. It's just hard-core masochism! Winter steelheaders are a sorry lot.:p I used to be one....I haven't been out steelhead fishing yet this season.
    Thanks, Chad, for sharing this...I feel like such a weather wimp, now, working on projects in my garage/shop in front of a roaring fire. :rofl:
  10. Well, did 2 quick passes at the run at first light and on the road by about 8:30. Not a bump. I think the weather put them off the bite. If I were a steelhead, I'd be hunkered down in a deep hole. That wind whipping accross the surface surely would have freaked me out. Actually, it DID freak me out. It wasn't as cold, rainy, or snowy as yesterday, but the wind was so strong I could barely stand up at times. Yesterday was much more fishable. There were a few things on my side today though. For one, I dressed warmer (still forgot the gloves in the truck though) and then the wind was coming in from my back side instead of blasting me in the face.

    Some brave soul came in behind me as I was finishing my last 10 minutes toward the tailout.

    If that was any of you - give us your report!
  11. I'm guessing that when we no longer approach the last cast w/ optimism or look to scheme our way into those pre- or post-work outings, it's time to hang it up. Nice job. Though it's just dropped about 4 or 5 inches of snow here, I think I'm going fishing tomorrow:thumb:

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