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  1. Patrick,

    Excuse me if I am ignorant, but I don't think it was a steelhead. If it was a steelhead I will die and go to heaven.

    Is it a steelhead? It's gotta be a rainbow.

    phil :DUNNO
  2. My bad...In a fit of envy and jealous rage I stated "steelhead". :WINK Either way I have never seen either one of these elusive beasts, thus lending to my uneducated remark regarding steelhead.

  3. What do I know---I'm just an old man


    If you have been over to this side of the state and have been fishing these rivers and catching smolts. You have been catching steelhead. They are just little ones but that's what they are.

  4. Im not even worthy enough to catch even the smallest of steelies, smolts. Even the smolts hear me coming and begin evasive maneuvers to elude me. :REALLYMAD

    Believe me, your smolt fest would have given me a sense of belonging and worthiness to move up in the world and begin contemplating the fascination of possibly catching a steelie. But no, I am not even capable of smolting. LOL :LOVEIT

  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    And I thought that I was the only one not to catch fish.

  6. Hey guys,

    I wanted to thank Kauffmans in Bellevue for giving me directions to a cool spot on the Yakima. I did exacly what you told me to do and that was tie a foot long tippet to my large fly, and then tie a small bug on the end of the tippet.:HMMM

    I fished a slow moving pool and there was no hatch. I saw a rise near the rocks. :TONGUE I cast out there and did nothing, just let the bug sit on the water, and watch the ripple it created. The next thing was WHAM! I saw my bug get swallowed by something red.

    I let this guy take out about 100 feet of line. I played him, or her, for about 15 minutes and took my sweet time. When I had him up near shore I quickly laid him down and due to C & R I just threw my fly rod over the fish.

    I took the photo tonight with my digital. I then released a NATIVE~

    When I got back up to my truck, I took out my tape measure. The handle of my fly rod is 13 inches exactly. I am thinking this baby is 19? 20?

    Look at those cheeks! Have you ever seen cheecks that red? WOW!

    Anyway, the Yak is my new place.:DEVIL

    P.S. I caught this thing on a regular looking dry fly and just floated it near the water.


  7. Ok, I worked it out. My rod is 13 inches long so this guy must be 21.

    I am HAPPY as a clam! :TONGUE

    I just could not believe how red it's cheeks were. I mean that is really RED.

    Man he faught good. He really did. A NATIVE!!!!


    I am downtown right now all dressed up drinking the night away!!!! That is me on the left right after a shot of Jack! That's my guitarist in the center and my bass player on the right!

    I am celebrating!

    1. I caught a nice fish. :COOK
    2. I released it and it killed me.:EEK
    3. I just found out my album is #3 in Europe. :LOVEIT
    4. I got this cool laptop with a snelling wireless modem.:THUMBSUP
    5. My website got started tonight for my release in the states.


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