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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by StuFarnham, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. You're done? Sheesh, I just narrowed my choices down to two patterns and ordered the materials today...
  2. Guess I should of checked my mail before I posted I was done...beings that I just got my summer-run flies...I'm in love

    Well anyways mine will be in the mail here shortly

  3. My pattern

    Actually, my dear Mr. Hywel, I will be tying a pattern of my own devising called "le ver du Saint Jean". It is an Atlantic salmon fly cosntructed by lashing a 25cm length of stout, red rope to a 10/0 hook with a length of orange baling twine. Ohoto attached.



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  4. Stu mine are in the mail as of today...enjoy!!!

  5. I got some black yak hair today so mine are started. black and red marabou shrimp
  6. Done, just need toe tags and mail
  7. Wow Mike - sweet looking fly.
  8. First flies

    Scott Behn's nice brace of Royal Coachman Bucktails arrived today. I guess I'd better decide soon what I'm going to tie! How about some low water Jeannies, Jockies, or Logies?


    PS: Nice fly, Mike.
  9. Glad you like'em Stu...

  10. how bout a green highlander stu?

    i am still trying to decide but it will be a fairly simple atlantic salmon pattern...
    i destroyed the tip of my finger today while releasing a King so i am not sure how it will affect my tying but we'll see.
  11. I think I'm tying Speyman's Waddington Prawn. It was a toss up between that and a Jock Scott... :rofl: :rofl:
  12. i finished mine up just a minute ago... its a black ghost variation. I think it should catch fish
  13. mine are in the mail
  14. I tied 5.75 of 6 last night and ran out of estaz to finish the last one. I ordered more. Hopefully it will be here by Saturday and I can get it in the mail Saturday or Tuesday.

  15. Stu... i mailed them out today but blew it with the toe tag... printed it out off the computer but just plain forgot to attach the flies. :beathead:
    anyways... they are in the mail :eek:
  16. Three presents in today's mail

    D3Smartie's flies (David, what do you call that pattern?) , Mike Doughty's Marabou Shrimps (they almost make me wish for winter -- almost ), and my new EFS 60mm macro lens. Guess I have an excuse to take some pictures!

  17. Stu... That is a black ghost variant....

    Gold tag
    GP crest tail
    Black Dubbed Body
    Gold rib
    White Calf tail wing
    Yellow hackle throat
    Black Hackle
  18. First Flies Posted

    We are halfway there!

    Mike Doughty's, Scott Behn's, and D3Smartie's flies have been photographed and can be seen at http://www.farnham.ws/AA Swap 2005.htm

    Stu :beer2:
  19. Mine are done, but haven't found time to mail them yet. They will be mailed before week's end.

  20. What's the latest stu? it's almost crunch time.

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