NFR AAA Anybody have/use it?

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  1. Definatly worth it if you travel in remote places alot or if you go long distances from home alot. I put my car in a ditch on the Hoh last month and they arrived and pulled me out in 20 minutes, less then half the time they estimated it would take.
  2. I don't have it, but do for my daughters who live out of state. The oldest has used it twice that I know of, once when her car wouldn't start and another time in a friend's car when they were on a road trip. Gives me a little peace of mind knowing they won't be stranded somewhere. And they are always going somewhere.

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  3. Yes, do it. I have used them for dead batteries and embarrassingly numerous lock outs over the years. When I was a younger fly fisher, I would get so excited to fish that I would lock my keys in the car on accident as I seemed to always be in a rush to get to the streams.
  4. Here's a pro tip: If you're a Costco executive member and your car insurance is through Ameriprise through Costco, you'll get roadside assistance thrown on your policy for free.

    We found the insurance through Costco to be cheaper than any where else, and the roadside assistance was a bonus.

  5. it's great, especially if you pop for the longer distance tow. It's no fun being stranded in Podunk!
  6. I've used AAA for motel discounts, towing and one "locked my keys in my truck" episode out in the country. I also hit their store for maps and stuff if I've traveling to other states or countries. It's worth it for me and gives me more peace of mind. By the way, the Canadian CAA provided services to me at no cost, too, when I went into their store for maps.
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  7. I have it and it has come in handy a few times. One thing to note though. I got stuck above the Klickitat last year scouting turkey. (my 4WD didn't work) luckily I had a cell signal and called AAA. When the truck arrived, he informed me that my AAA would not cover the winch out due to the fact I was on a "Primitive Road" and it was clearly marked that. I called AAA and they verified this fact. Your AAA coverage ends at the Primitive Road sign. Cost me 374.00 to get winched 40'.
    Still I have it and have used it for tows and the many discounts they offer at hotels, restuarants, etc.
  8. I had a similar incident a decade ago on the Hancock Snoqualmie Tree Farm when I got stuck in snow on permit-only access private property 25 miles inside the gate. Cost me over $450 for a special 4wd tow truck that AAA wouldn't cover.

  9. If you have a Subaru there's free on road service plus 200 miles tow for free
  10. I had a Subaru and they pulled me out of trouble twice. I would still have it is it wasn't for the little old lady(wife).
  11. Joe, my subaru isnt new, it is a 99.
    What did the little old lady not like about your 'ru? Mine couldnt wait to get one! She wanted an STi or WRX, but I talked her out of payments and the speeding tickets she would of got with one of those and we just got an Outback Wagon that I will mod a bit to get a bit better ride out of and maybe get a bit more horsepower out of.
  12. I wrote that wrong. My wife got rid of AAA. I got rid of the 'RU myself. It was getting old. It was a '92.

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