Abel Nippers Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by snugpie, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Always wanted a pair but could never bring myself to spend $50 on nippers ;).
  2. I love my Abel nippers, went thru 5 cheap ones in a row, lost, crappy nipping, and overall lack of aesthetics. Bought the Abel and it is bombproof, just the way I like my tools.
  3. Fifty pairs Fred Meyer nail clippers for $50.
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  4. That's my thought process with anything in fishing and nothing is cheap. Like you, I also bought a pack, except I got the Fishpond Westwater Waist Pack, and worth every penny. Everyone has their niche, but with saltwater there aren't many fishing tools that can sustain the abuse.
  5. not worth it unless they are made of pure unobtainium.
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  6. Thanks Don Freeman and Eyejuggler for the insight! I'll be getting a pair soon, just wanted to get some feedback as to the quality.
  7. I like your sense of humor :D
  8. Here is a gratuitous shot of my nippers and a fine SRC from a better day on the water. If I didn't have the nippers I would not have landed this fish. [​IMG]
    The nippers WILL help you catch more fish...just be sure to bring some small Ant patterns as well.

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  9. Hahaha. Those nippers are a game changer!
  10. boom

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  11. Actually, something's are cheap. Namely, nippers.
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  12. Hahaha, touche! :D
  13. yikes, I am flabergasted over this question, don't know what to say, put it this way, even the guys at the fly shop would talk about the sale, if you rarel loose things I guess it's Ok....but to answer your question, most likely not worth the money
  14. This forum has such a problem with people spending money on things.


    In all seriousness... If you want them, get them man. If those nippers will make your fishing experience better then go for it. I'm sure they are excellent at what they do. Just don't lose em! I've seen people spend $700 on a leather head cover for their putter in their golf bag. Would I do it? Nope. Would I fling shit at them for buying one? Nope.
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  15. I didn't pay $50 for them, but the Abel's are worth it for me - after almost two years of nearly daily use, they are starting to dull and I'll replace the blades - they have a two-year guarantee so that'll cost me exactly..nothing else. Covered - and MADE IN THE USA.
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  16. P.T. Barnum was a visionary!
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  17. Thanks Derek for the review! I'll definitely be getting a pair based on that and the MADE IN USA is a big deal to me as well!!
  18. I don't think that's the case here. He asked if they were worth the money. He's found out that to most people they aren't.
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  19. ^ I like this guy.
  20. That is true... I guess it was more a blanket statement I was making. Maybe it's just me but every time a product that happens to be expensive comes up on this forum you can count on about half the posts being real negative just because it's expensive, not because it's a good or bad product.

    Or maybe I'm still bitter about the whole costco/sage discussions... Not sure.
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