Abel Nippers Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by snugpie, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I think your assessment is pretty accurate.
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    The reason a lot of post are negative about spending money on expensive gear is because a lot of us are smart about money. This is a hard lesson to learn if you are easily suckered in by bright colored baubles and beads. I spend a lot myself these days but only because I saved a lot earlier and retired early. One of the traps I have always avoided was spending XXXX dollars for something that I could buy for XX dollars that did the same job.

    This thread sounds like a classic example of someone not being able to distinguish necessity from nonsense. I often hear: "If you've got it -spend it!" My take on that is: "If you've got it-hang on to it!" I can absolutely guarantee that you will need it later. Remember this when you reach retirement age and are still making mortgage payments or car payments. You heard it here first.

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    pure stupid. it's one thing to debate the ROI on the $550 delta between a sage and a redington (steeply diminishing, btw), but if you pay $50 for nail clippers you are either just bored and looking for a way to blow cash you don't really need, or so aspirational in your purchasing of gear that ROI is simply meaningless.
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    I have a pair of those!
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    I'm really enjoying the wonderful splashes of color on that cutt.
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    It's a beauty for sure, caught it in your neighborhood as well Jack.
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    So I confess, I've got the Abel nippers. I did not spend $50 on them, I don't think... but the point is the same. I spent way more on them than regular nippers that much is for certain. But let me tell you the story...

    3 months ago I was in the worst dry spell of my so far glorious fly throwing career. I couldn't catch a fish if you sent me to SeaWorld with a stunboat. I was so distraught, I found myself in a local watering hole pondering the future of all things rods, reels, and fooling fish with feathers. All the while passing time as I imbibed a delicious and hoppy locally brewed IPA. As I wallowed, the hipster bearded gentleman next to me at the bar was droning on about the origin of "IPA". In and out of my fishless delirium I heard "...British East India...hops contain special...wouldn't spoil..." or some such blather. I stared at him but tuned another mental frequency as I wasn't so interested in the origin of IPA's as much as I wanted to simply enjoy my cerveza and figure out what moon I had possibly been born under to leave me in such a fishless state.

    Coming to the conclusion that a wander to my local fly shop across the street, St. Peter's Fly Shop to be exact, might be in order and seemed somehow spiritual, I paid my tab and walked a probably straight line across the street to the Fly Shop. It certainly couldn't make anything worse- and in fact would remove me from the hipster brew dude dronefest.

    I can't explain it, but once inside the shop I was drawn magnetically and mindlessly to the small Abel display holding said nippers. I stood and stared trying to focus my mind on the price and the colors, when an ambitious young sales floor fisher guy type ambled over and said "..pretty sweet nippers, huh?". I answered "pretty expensive nippers actually". And I continued to stare and he slunk away, but I could feel his uncertainty and what exactly to do with me. I'm pretty sure he detected my fish drought, but I knew he wouldn't dare ask. He didn't want anything to do with that kind of karma. After an indeterminate passing of time, my intense gaze and evaluation of the nippers was broken into again, this time by the owner of the shop who is a VERY fishy guy. He always exudes a trophy catch, his latest bravado being a peacock bass from a recent trip to Venezuela. For the love of pete, I just want to catch a 12' rainbow 5 miles from my house, and this guy has to toot the peacock bass from Venezuela in my face? Perfect. The droning hipster dude at the bar was maybe not so bad after all. And I was missing my IPA.

    To cutt to the chase, he noticed my unwavering gaze on the nippers and without hardly a breath taken and the peacock bass picture barely swiped away from his iPhone screen display he snatched an olive colored pair of the Abel nippers and put them on the counter and said, I swear to you he said in an uncomfortably loud voice- "This is what you came to the shop for, and don't question the color. Those are your nippers and you came here for them. They have mojo and its the same color I use. Buy them now, it's our last one in that color..." and without another word he turned and walked away. The young ambitious clerk guy was watching all this and I could feel him listening 10 feet away, so I turned to look at him and his eyes were wide as if he'd seen an apparition. Without taking my eyes off him, I reached into my wallet and placed a wad of money on the counter, grabbed the olive nippers, and I walked out of the store. I never unwrapped the nippers, and for 3 days they sat in the glove box of my car. But I dared not return them.

    On the 4th day, I went fishing. Fishing on a river I had not in the last 20 times out caught a fish. I strung the nippers on parachute cord around my neck so as not to lose them. After that encounter in the shop and the jedi mind control the nippers seemed to possess, no way was this spell breaking talisman going to drop irrecoverably to a watery end. I caught fish that day, not only "fish", but "big fish". The spell was broken, the drought was over, all was one again, and peace had been restored to my kingdom.

    And so, the nippers have powers- magical powers. I think they might actually be a powerful trout magnet. Since that day the spell was broken I have fished like Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot rolled into one. I have caught more fish in fewer days than is humanly possible. Now, I want to disclose that I don't know if all these nippers have the power. Or is it only the olive colored ones, or only this one I have, or only ones that Mr. Mojo from the fly shop feels a vibe on. I can't really say. What I can say is they work for me, and the IPA humencyclopedia hipster dude at the pub is SO much more tolerable at the end of the day when I've been onto fish. As for the fly shop, I'm not sure what happened to that pupstart wide eyed sales guy. I've never seen him again and the peacock bass mojo man claims he was working alone that day. I dunno, but I still have the nippers and I wear 'em around my neck on gold parachute cord every time I fish. It's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


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    Bravo Jslo! Nice backstory, thank you for sharing!
    Ignore the haters, quality gear is well worth it.
    I have a Titanium 4/5/6 mm allen wrench set I got for my road bike habit...pricy but dammit so useless in comparison to my nippers.
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    Got the Rod, Can't find the Martin 3/4 reel anywhere
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    Wow Jslo. That's some story! I think i've been doing it backwards. Last time I needed to buy a new-to-me pre-owned vehicle, i walked onto a dealer's lot and found one that looked like what I wanted. I had done my research beforehand. I didn't ask the price. Instead, I told the sales manager how much I wanted to buy it for. At first he nearly laughed me off the lot.he told me that they wanted $2,000 more than my offer. Then I told him that I really wanted to buy that car, and only that car, and that I only had so much money to spend, and that I knew it wasn't worth any more than I had, and I thought my offer was fair. I had cash, though, and I mentioned that.
    Still, the sales mgr told me my low-ball offer was way too low. Perhaps another cheaper vehicle would do?

    (But I know how they operate. These guys are notorious low-ballers when they buy, and horrific crooks when they sell. There's a huge inventory of used cars on the lot, and the sum total of what they paid for them is the base value of their total inventory. I was offering to reduce their inventory. What they hoped to sell the car for was not what they would sell it for if they had to do so in a pinch).

    Nope! I told them that was the only car they had that I wanted and I wanted it at my price, or I'd walk and find my deal elsewhere. It was a used car, with 2 prior owners, and I was taking a chance at any price. I turned and started walking, and then I heard him say, "Wait a minute..."
    I got my deal. :D
    I picked it up in 2009, and have put over 35,000 miles on it since then with only having to do scheduled maintenance and buy 4 new tires (tires purchased less than 3 months ago), and it still runs as well as when I bought it.
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    I was thinking of buying some new nail clippers when I looked down and found some new looking ones in the Westhaven St Pk parking lot. I use 'em for nail clippers, though. I actually use the little scissors on my Swiss army knife to cut leaders and trim tag ends. I'm pretty good at using my "canine" teeth, too.:D
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    I always used to use my right front tooth, just like my grandpa. About 15 years ago my dentist pointed out the 25 degree angle of wear on it where tooth used to be. Now I use drugstore clippers, but not the little fingernail ones, I splurge on toenail clippers.
  13. Dave Evans Active Member

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    This was covered on another forum and the thread went 200+ posts. Same thing whenever anyone posts "Is XX worth it" where XX can be a rod, reel, nippers, whatever. Almost all of us could be out there on the water and probably have just as much success using equipment that costs less than we currently own.
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    So where do you guys stand on hero shots with Abel nippers? Do you clench them in the teeth, or just let them hang? I want to do the right thing, but am worried that I might be labeled a "nipsucker".
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    You're exactly the kind of person they designed them for. I was hoping to win a pair in the raffle at a fishing tournament last summer, but only ended up with the cheap Simms nippers (and an Abel Super 13, so it wasn't all bad). The ones that didn't live up to the hype were the Orvis ceramic nippers that were supposed to be the best thing ever several years back. I bought those and basically destroyed them within a few trips.

    As for the $300 Van Staal pliers, my buddy Grant who guides out of Cabo over 300 days a year has had them for at least a decade and swears by them. I've probably thrown away $100 worth of Dr Slick pliers in that same time frame and don't fish nearly as much as he does.
  16. Dave Evans Active Member

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    Funny about the Simms. I bought a pair of Fishpond nippers for $20 and couldn't get them to cut anything unless I held them just right. Now they sit in an old Cougar cheese can on my bench with all of the other things that never get used. Now that was a waste of money.

    That made me order a pair of the Abels and I love them. Worth every penny to me. As Don said they are great for building leaders, cutting smaller tippets, great for steelhead leaders and tippets. They cut anything.
  17. golfman44 Coho Queen

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    So true. I'm sure the majority of people on this thread have splurged on small luxuries in their lifetime. Weather it be more expensive mats in their car, XM Radio, etc....Let people enjoy the small things in life IMO. Nothing wrong with that ;)
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  18. Don Freeman Freeman

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    This thread just reminds me how self congratulatory, judgmental and downright insulting folks can be when they have the internet to hide behind. I enjoy using quality equipment and you sour grapers can kiss my ass.
  19. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    There are far worse things for a man to be labeled, Jason.
  20. Kcahill Active Member

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    If someone made a leatherman the same quality as those pliers I would hand over my 300 bucks gladly, right now multi tools and pliers last me about a year even if I soak them in oil and hit them with extend every so often.
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