Abel Nippers Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by snugpie, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Porter

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    Yeah like a snugpie...what the hell is a snugpie? Do snugpie's wear snuggies? :confused:
  2. GAT

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    I had metal cutter caps installed on an upper and lower tooth just so I can use my teeth instead of clippers. :)

    Seriously, I'm also known to use my teeth for nippers and my dentist has a fit! ...still, the teeth haven't failed yet and I'm saving a bundle on diamond adorned tippet material nippers.
  3. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I will check Costco for these nippers on my next visit.
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  4. GAT

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    LOL! :D

    They'll be somewhere near the Sage rods.
  5. Kcahill

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    Should probably end the thread on that note :D
  6. Anil

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    A huge unnecessary expense that could be cut from all of our budgets would be… ALL FLY FISHING GEAR!
    I bet most of us by definition (as fly fishermen) could be more practical with our spending than we are, but then none of us would own ANY fly fishing gear. Some guys get a rise out of getting the most out of their dollars by purchasing and using inexpensive gear, and I’m sure still catch a bunch of fish. Others enjoy more expensive tackle.
    I have a friend who buys watches that literally cost more than my truck. I asked him about it once trying to get him to explain to me why they worked better. He informed me that on the contrary, a high-end watch actually has to be serviced every several years in order to work correctly and for that reason could accurately be described as being less functional. He guessed that anything you spend on a watch over $100 offers no increase in performance. He makes good money, provides very well for his family and enjoys spending some of his money on watches.
    I’m sure it will surprise many of you (it sure did me) but the Abel nippers are our BEST SELLING nippers regardless of price. Yes, we have a bin of $3 nippers, and individually packaged nippers that cost $8-$20.
    If you enjoy that kind of thing, spend $50. If you think that guys who do are kind of nuts? You are probably right. (I own two)
  7. rymo

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    This Exactly! We recently bought a $400 Vitamix blender that is quite the machine. Under some circumstances, buying a higher end tool will have an actual positive ROI (not replacing a cheap $10 tool 5 times), but in the case of this ridiculous blender (or a pair of $50 nippers for me), it is quite pleasing to use and turns out a better product than a lower end model. Since I'm not making my own leaders or rigging gear for steelhead, I'm fine with my $5 nippers out of the plastic jug, but I will never judge somebody because they opted to buy the more elegant/efficient or enjoyable tool.
  8. Kcahill

    Kcahill Active Member

    See this is why I like you, you understand our sickness :D
  9. formerguide

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    More than your truck? Better hope Jen doesn't read this, haha!

    See you tomorrow, Calvin says sharks sound awesome.


  10. golfman44

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    Dude. Vitamix blenders are the shit. Best margaritas I've ever had. I swear it makes $5 tequila taste like patron
  11. rymo

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    I agree, but I feel like the guy with the Mic on at Costco when I tell friends why a $400+ blender is better at blending things :)
  12. Salmo_g

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    If you spend $800 or more on a Sage or other high end fly rod, you probably need $50 Abel nippers to go with it. Nothing wrong with spending money, whether you've got it or not; it's what keeps this capitalist economy going, . . . sort of. Buying stuff we don't need is what makes America, 'Merica. Living within one's means, as Ive does, is practically un-American. I have a sterling silver bottle cap lifter that came from my mother's silver set. I swear it makes my beer taste better too.

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  13. Eyejuggler

    Eyejuggler Beech Nut

    I love using aesthetically pleasing items. Good gear is part of the experience and makes my time on the water or the cliff more pleasurable. Period :)
    Growing up, I got into backpacking and my grandmother always said buy cheap cause if you lose it or its gets broken you can always buy another. I bought the best at the time and took care of it...and still use those items today.
    Get the best you can afford and it will reward you with longevity and pleasure.
  14. Kcahill

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    Try explaining to your significant other why one car is worth double the identical one sitting next to it because of one letter in the VIN, like Salmo+g stated though, 'Merica
  15. IveofIone

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    After doing some online research on Abel nippers I have had to change my position on their purchase. It turns out some leggy east coast supermodels have taken to wearing them around the neck as jewlery. The current preferred rigging is on a gold chain with the nippers hanging right in the Y of the cleavage. This is interesting because it will certainly induce a number of stares.

    "You creep! Could you just stop staring at my boobies?"

    "Actually I was staring at your nips-----er, Nippers. Are those real------Abels? Very nice! They sure look great on you."

    With this trend picking up speed on the east coast it is sure to spread westward and through the ranks as young high school age girls start demanding Abel Nippers with a subsequent increase in price. So purchasing now at $50 is probably a good deal with $95 nippers a reality in the near future. Regard them as Investment Grade nippers at this point and buy a few pair to resell later should they top $125 eventually. Chinese knockoffs will appear shortly and you certainly want to be ahead of that curve.

    Plan ahead-we all know what happened to saddle hackle!

  16. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Are you going to be able to fit a Hello Kitty sticker on those Abel nippers?
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  17. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Replaceable jaws? Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

    I'm still using nippers that are pushing 20 years old and they cut as quickly and cleanly as they did new.

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  18. Kcahill

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    If I had a pair they would be pink with a hello kitty sticker on them, let the haters hate.
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  19. JesseC

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    Dr slick's hemostats with a MF scissor built in. That's all you need.
  20. Kcahill

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    I have never had a pair of Dr Slicks make it a year.