About keeping Methow River hatchery steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Don Barton, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Just let it go back in the river, someone will catch it again...
  2. If I caught a boot hatchery fish I wouldn't be opposed to bonking it and throwing it in the river.

    CLO the point of the fishery on the Methow is to remove the hatchery fish not to C&R. They are a huge negative impact on the spawning 'native' steelhead.

  3. Why is there a limit on hatchery fish then? Why not make the limit 100 fish per day?
  4. Good question.
  5. They should.

    I would say that is probably the case because the management at WDFW is so f'ed up. It would be hard to argue that they have been good stewards of the runs.
  6. CLO you can call up any regional biologist and they will tell you that culling the hatchery fish is the point of this particular fishery.
  7. Out of the 20 steelhead or so that my fishin partner and I landed last year from the Met, I think only 2 were hatchery. Most of the fish caught were in March, some in October. Does that jibe with others experience?
  8. That's right, you need a big F250 Super Duty diesel to haul those 20" fish around.:confused:
  9. The logic on the Methow and other UC tribs is completely backwards. WDFW says out of one side of their mouth, "hatchery fish are adversely impacting wild fish, we had better remove them" then out of the other, "we need to mitigate for dams impacts." Two completely incompatible goals in my opinion when you're putting darn near half a million hatchery smolts in the Methow alone. Wild returns have rebounded modestly on many parts of the Snake over the last decade however the UC is still hosed, hatchery fish are making those stocks VERY unproductive (of course dams aren't helping). In the meantime I will fish them because they're gorgeous rivers and bonk every clipped fish I touch.
  10. well when you have 2 or 3 people in a hatchback with all gear for fishing and camping the cooler has to be kinda small and usually doesnt have much ice....who am i kidding i dont catch steelhead so it dont really matter
  11. ^^^I was just giving you some crap, since in a few weeks, in every single space of gravel pull-out anywhere near the lower river there will be some version of said truck, all shiny, with some west side dealer license plate holder on it. Many with a guide advertisement displayed.

    I'm not really sure why a pick-up is needed, (or wanted), to drive over WA or Bluett pass but, I think the car in your avatar is perfect for the drive. Either that or the Ferraris that were here over the weekend.
  12. Well i one day i hope to take up one of those gravel spots with my car and fish that river and catch a steelhead...but i gotta get my car here first and grande rhonde is closer lol. I love going to the OP with the hatchback focus on the shitty mud roads and seeing only big rigs. It so badly wants to be a rally machine. I dont know about the ferarris for fishing, this is what i wish i could take fishing but storage is an issue and theft probability is HIGH.

    <iframe title ="Preview" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" style="width:320px;height:213px;padding:0;background-color:#fcfcfc;" src="http://cid-9f69e5c27366a363.skydrive.live.com/embedphoto.aspx/.Public/My%20Bike/101^_0572.JPG"></iframe>

  13. One of the Ferrari's crashed on patterson lake road and one caught on fire in the parking lot haha
  14. The river is going to be a zoo this year..
  15. Saw the one by Patterson, and there was one parked at Les Schwab. One good point, though, is they generally go UNDER the deer here.
  16. Remember that steelhead are co-managed, that means the TRIBES also have agreements with the owners of the DAMS, and enforce the hatchery program to fulfill there comercial needs.

    2009,,,, I am happy to just be able to fish the same waters as I did when I was a kid. I really want them to be natives and to release what I catch but with as much development the entire Columbia has had we are lucky that the FED"S have done what they have to restore what they can. My only fears are the quality of the fishermen when you have a high limit Kill fishery,,,you know like the Puyallup, Humptulips and nearly any other Salmon hatchery fishery.
  17. I hope your kidding. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  18. So people can fish for more than a weekend.
  19. exactly...

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