about my Scientific Anglers Steelhead Taper Fly Line

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TC, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. So what i thought was supposed to be a floating line, I notice that the last one foot of the line is always sinking down, even when my leader is floating high. I don't know why this really bothers me, except that I like to see where the end of the line and the leader are when using a floating line, and I guess I could smother it with floatant to see if that works, but is this line supposed to do that? Just curious. thanks for any insight.
  2. TC, is it a "wet tip" line? I've seen some of those that actually are floating lines with a slightly subsurface to sinking tip.
  3. No it should not. All my SA SH tapers are good. Was the end of your fly line cut? Is this a new line? Some dab a bit of sealant at the end (knot) on their floaters.
  4. It doesn't say wet tip on it, nor has the end been cut. (loop end). so I will just have to live with it I guess. It is new, and like I said, I don't know if it affect the fishability of it. I don't catch fish either way.

    BTW Mumbles, I didn't recognize you without your hat.
  5. TC, my SA Sharkskin Steelhead taper floats real high, not sure about the line you have. Any chance that section has been soiled or had some sort of dressing applied?

    Oh, and my hat blew off...I can't seem to find it.
  6. Scientific Angler lines are great lines however in the past the lines were notorious for nose-diving sooner than they should. The S/A steelhead line that you have is the pre-AST technology (AST technology= float higher longer). You will know if yours has the new tech. if it has the new streamlined loop on the end. If it does not it is older than one year and it is still a wonderful line but it's gonna require floatant on the end :( Sorry no amount of cleaning will help.
  7. The tip of all of my floating lines, after some time, will 'dip' under water. Be fastidious about cleaning your lines, and that will help the lines perform their best. Also, sometimes when I'm out in the field and my line tip starts dipping in the water, I'll put some floatant on, say, the end 3' of lline or so. It also depends on how the line is cast and is lying on the surface.

    It's not 'you' and it's not just your line; it's not unusual.
  8. Thanks guys, just wanted to know if it happens often. (none of my other floating lines have done it.) I just recently bought the line, and it is with the AST. I have fished it maybe 10-15 times and just noticed it after about 5 times. I will try the floatant thing as I guess the shop probably wouldn't take it back anyway. Thanks for the insight.
  9. Its kinda like the waders deal......All waders will leak sooner or later, and all floating lines will start to sink at the tip sooner or later.
  10. Man I hate that. But yes alas they all do it in the end. (no pun)

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