Access on the Dungeness

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nick Andrews, Nov 4, 2004.

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    Does anyone have any information on access on the Dungeness river? I am heading up there from Bremerton on Sunday, if anyone is interested in joining me. Also I have heard that the Coho are running strong has anyone been there lately? Any information is helpful. Thanks, Nick
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    Check with the fly shop guys at Pacific Fly Fishers - on the way to Sequim 360-417-0937.

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    Nick, There is a ton of access to the Dungeness.
    The hatchery can be accessed from route 101 westbound, in the Sequim vicinity.

    Go west over the river on 101 and take the first street to the left. "Taylor Cut Off Rd" I believe.

    Go up to the hatchery, follow the signs, it's a few minute drive up.

    Then the road splits in three, you want to go to the sharp reflex turn to the left.

    This is a residential neighborhood. The hatchery is just a short way past the houses. There is parking around the hatchery, then fishing all the way down river.

    The hatchery guys will tell you where you can and cant go, and check your regs and the fishing regs news at: for any changes or updates.

    Or, Go to River Road/Sequim and go south, toward the mountains, and then toward the river, also a residential neighborhood. State Access Use area there with sign close to the river, about 1/2mile+ or so upriver from the 101 river bridge.

    Or, take River Rd/Sequim and go North toward town, you will come to a rotary traffic circle near the new WalMart, turn north so that the Wal mart is on your left and so is the river, got to the end of that road and you will come to a "T", then turn left and follow that road to the Dungeness River Audobon Center. You are allowed to access the river for fishing from there and there is significant access in lower water flows of winter.

    Or, you can go downriver to the several roads that cross the river there and slug it out with the gear guys all the way to the saltwater. There have been Coho in the river for a while now, quite a few weeks.So most of these fish will be colored up a bit, but there are a few bright ones and the storms may surely move a few into the river from the bay.

    A visiting Alaska guide friend has fished it several times in the past three weeks and caught bright Coho and Bull Trout, and a few small steelhead,( on bead eggs and an egg hook!), on each trip. He came back this afternoon with the news that the river needs another cold dry night to be good quality fishing flows. I talked with him 20 minutes ago, after he got his waders off. Hows THAT for timely!?

    The recent storms drove the flows up a bit but we needed that. Right now it is dropping like a rock and should be sweet tomorrow and into the weekend with the cold weather. We had a good frost here this morning, and low altitude freeze in the Olympic Mountains, so the rivers are going to come back into shape quickly if this holds.
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    Thank you for the help guys, I will report on Sunday. Thanks, Nick