Access to the Cedar River

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  1. I am interested in fishing the Cedar for the first time. Can anyone recommend places which have good access? I have read abit about car breakins and some theft issues. I don't mind hiking in a bit if the car will be still be there at the end of the day. :hmmm:

    Thanks in advance :thumb:
  2. First light past the golf course, turn left and there's a spot on the right where you can park and access the river from the bridge. I haven't had any problems with the car, but I'm knocking on wood as I type. I've hooked some pretty decent fish in that area also.
  3. I haven't experienced it myself, but I have heard of a lot of break-ins there. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any one spot that would be safer than another. Maybe at one of the first parks you come to on the right because there would be a lot of people going in and out there. :confused:
  4. i've parked in the lot at the sports fields just past the golf course and walked in from there. no problems.

  5. what road takes you past the golf course?
  6. Hwy 169 Renton Maple Valley
  7. how do you get to the golf course if you are going south on 405.
  8. Take exit 4AB going south on 405.

  9. What about the Library? You could park there and walk along the trail that parallels the river, wade when you feel good. I got a few strikes last week, but loose line (yay for being bad at mending) made me miss the strikes.

    I've only fished the Cedar once, so I'm not a good reference :thumb:
  10. when driving south on 405, when you get off the exit you go thru the first light and turn left at the second light, if you pass a denny's on your lefthand side after going under the freeway then your on the right track:) goodluck! bhudda
  11. Another great place to start out, if you don't mind a slight creak walk, just before the "S" curves 1/2 mile before the G.C. but before the Bingo hall turn right and park there and hike in. Rumors have it at the Creekside Angler shop, that someone caught a record 28" bow out of that area last week. Had the picture and the witness to verify.
    So the motto is, if it is hard to get to the better the fishing.

    -Enjoy and good luck

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