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    I can't imagine this ever happening around here, but who knows. Can you imagine the County Assessor's reevaluating property without residence's owning the tidelands? What a nightmare. Can you imagine people bitching how high their taxes still are and they don't even own those tidelands? Now if the State and County could somehow guarantee to lower their taxes by one-third, then maybe it would be worth it to a taxpayer. No County Assessor would want to lose tax revenue now would they? The only way it could ever happen would be that the homeowner give his tidelands to the local parks department or the State DNR. Of course, giving it to DNR would be crazy too, they would "lease" the tidelands for some damn commercial oyster picker.
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    One third less wouldn't do it. Without the tidelands, property values would fall drastically. Owning the tidelands is very attractive to a potential buyer or owner.
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    You're correct but, the taxes would go down because the "lot" size would change. Tax valuations are "very loosley" tied to the actual property value, to say the least. Property value is dropping through the floor everywhere. How much have your taxes gone down? Actually, not owning the tidelands would financially be a good thing for anyone who didn't care about being the only one who could harvest shellfish.

    How much does a couple buckets of clams cost? Probably a shitload less than the taxes you pay for tideland.
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    The county I live in does not
    take into account if you own the
    tidelands or not. My newest
    asessment is based on linear waterfront
    foot. It went from $3000 a foot to $4000
    a foot from 2010 to 2011. WIth a 105 feet of
    waterfront I would be happy to sell my place
    to the county at what they consider market value.
    Thats why everyone I know up and down the beach
    has contested it. The county is so backed up we still
    haven't had a hearing after 1 year (kangaroo court is what people
    that have been through it are calling this BS).

    WIth the realestate market tanking how can taxes go up
    when true value (what I could sell for ) is down

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    Thanks for the encouragement Dave. Now I'll never sell my house..... Eeeeeeeeeek! Unless I give it away.
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    Sorry Larry,

    Trying to sell a house
    today is tough. I'm hoping
    that whatever you get
    you'll be in the black even if it
    isn't wasn't what it was before
    the Bush induced depression.

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    How's that Hope and Change working for you? LOL.
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    woah, that's nutts. :( So sq ft of the lot isn't factored in? I figured you'd theoretically get away with a good deal since the market price was usually linear based but the tax was sq ft. That's a bummer man. Guess the county figured ou how to screw you both ways.
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    If you live in Pierce County, the former Assessor was doing his assessments based on property sales for his term. It supposedly saved money by not having his folks go out and check. The new guy came in and shook things up so now almost all values have gone up. He thought the former had a bad idea but this new guy is up for recall election. The result is everyon's taxes are going up a lot and the sales values are shrinking because of the economy. Go figure. They have to get the money from somewhere.