Accidental Catch

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kcahill, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Glad to hear something is working for you, chasing trout can be frustrating at times! Not all of our lakes have decent mayfly or caddis hatches but they do have dragons and damsels so those food forms are a safe bet when it's difficult to know what to fish. Try a small caddis (sz 16) such as an elk hair (with bottom hackle clipped) or x-caddis of an evening. Keep your leader long so you have good separation between colored line and fly. And of course fish around structure and close to the bank with your dries during the evening or where you see fish rising. Success with dries depends alot on the feeding cycle of the fish during the past 24 hrs. Sometimes we want to play on the surface more than they do. I was on a local lake last night and at sundown when the fish usually begin cruising and watching the surface for food there was no activity at all, pretty uncommon on that lake this time of year but it happens.

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