"Accomplished angler"?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Luke77, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. The Accomplished Angler, that's easy. He's the guy that has the magic fly when I don't!

    There's always one when I'm fishing the Yakima, downstream from me.
  2. These days an accomplished angler is someone who has his name embroidered on his ironed fishing shirt. When I was younger it was an angler who had a lot of fish in the freezer.
  3. An angler that can find success and enjoyment on most outings. Success without enjoyment is just an ordinary angler. Enjoyment with out success is just an ordinary angler.

    Personally, I've got no clue.
  4. What is an accomplished angler? Someone, who when asked whether they are one or not, simply replies: "I don't know."
  5. How about membership in the 20/20 Club? .....
  6. I consider it a major accomplishment if I get back home alive. Does that count?
  7. You're accomlished once you stop bragging about how many and how big fish you caught. You don't even bring a camera because you don't care what anyone knows about what you did or didn't catch. Although you don't care to brag about your catches, at the same time you rarely tell others where your hot spots are...and never ever give up spots on the internet. Never.
  8. Anyone who catches more fish than me. :D
  9. An accomplished angler could be one that "has caught his share" and wants to put a friend onto some nice fish. Putting a hook into a fish makes you an angler. Putting your pal's hook into fish through patient instruction makes you an accomplished angler. I vote Jim Henderson into accomplished angler status. In one summer day fishing a creek with Jim, he gave me first crack at several pools with rising fish. As a new angler in flowing water settings for trout this was a tough trip for me. The Accomplished Angler Mr. Henderson put his pupil in the proper setting and gave instruction that put many a hook into beautiful westslope cutthroat trout, and I continue to thank him greatly. I learned more in that single day of fishing than I can even beging to express.
  10. I think after you've caught your first fish of your own. You've accomplished angling, so mark that one of your list.
  11. Think Brian Chan here . I`ve seen him fish . He enjoys EVERY fish he catches as though it was his first .Big , small , in-between - he enjoys them all . He is gracious beyond belief . He is willing to answer questions from anybody - often cutting into his fishing time - and he fishes a lot .And he`s not just a stillwater wizard either . He recently started fishing double-handers , and looks as though he`s been doing it for years .

    Respect .
  12. [​IMG]

    I couldn't resist.

    I really need to go fishing!
  13. I would consider myself a pretty good fishermn, but "accomplished"? I dont know. Having caught well over 100 steelhead on the fly might count as accomplished, but I feel like there is always more to learn, always ways to improve technique. Not labeling myself as anything I feel keeps me more humble, and more connected to the activity I enjoy so much. Like anything else in life, you should be learning something new everyday, and I definitely still feel that I learn something everyday Im on the water.
  14. Guys, you are making this too hard. It is simple.

    An accomplished angler is one who steelhead beach themselves for him. They, steelhead, realize the have little to no chance against a man of such angling prowess. After the beaching the fish lays still, while posing next to the rod the angler is carrying for a picture. Then when the agreed upon time had exaushed itself the fish slips back into the river. Now this angler will keep a hatchery fish if one shows itself, but this gets tricky, the fish must rock shampoo itself, no blood and the anglers hands.

    When This happens to you, you will then know you are am accomplished angler!

    Until then, don't worry about it and fish!

    This is the standard....it's science.
  15. I had an 18 pound silver jump in my boat one time on the Kenai... Does that count?

    (btw.. I put him back.)
  16. Evan, you are an accomplished angler!
  17. I'm not sayin' this is me, but becoming an accomplished angler might be like becoming a man. The line is fuzzy and ill-defined, but it just happens and you wake up one day and realize it did.

    Maybe it's when you start to catch fish you wouldn't have years earlier, maybe it's when you can totally enjoy a day out without catching or seeing a fish, maybe it's when someone else sees you as their mentor, maybe . . . . lots of stuff.

    Watchin' the three year old catch his first fish on the fly made me feel more like an accomplished father than an accomplished angler.
  18. Yes sir! That's the good stuff right there!
  19. I think an accomplished anger is one that doesn't need jigs, or to add scent or bait to a fly to catch fish. If that's your angle, might as well use a worm and bobber(same thing).
  20. On the contrary. I think a true accomplished angler is someone who can catch fish with ANY tackle given to him. My grandfather caught trout with a frayed cigarette butt just to prove a point. He was an accomplished angler indeed.

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