Acetate Floss

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Randy Diefert, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know of o good souce for this stuff in bulk quantities? ie. 1oo yd spools min.-1000yd spools?
  2. Hunters offers a single strand floss on bulk spools. Their catalog doesnt specify the length per bulk spool but if you give them a call they can probably tell you. I have a few spools of it and they are large. I'm quessing 200 to 250 yards per spool. It comes in 16 colors. Many salmon fly tiers use it to build a tapered under-body which is then over wrapped with a final layer of silk floss.
  3. I can't seem to find it on their site useing the search engine.
  4. Try again.

    Enter the word "Floss", scroll down to item #MO906
    The entry reads like this:

    Single Strand Floss $5.50
    Qty: Color: White Orange Buttercup Yellow Burnt Orange Red Claret Lt Olive Silver Doctor Blue Laxa Blue Black Purple Lavender Fl Green Fl Red Fl Yellow Fl Orange
    For use on small salmon or trout flies, it is ideal for floss tags. In fine (300 denier) diameter on bulk spools.

    If this still doesnt work for you then go around the long way through the "Fly Tiers Catalog", "Tinsel, Floss, Thread and Wire", under "Floss" look for "Single Strand Floss".
  5. Thanks a whole bunch . Found it but, can't see where it says that it's Acetate Floss. Acetate Floss Melts when you dip it in Acetone. Hence , this is why you can only use this material to make a Acetate Floss Stick Leech. If I can find some in a deep red/burgandy and some in black I'll sent you one of the coolest leech patterns you ever saw.
    Thanks again for responding.:thumb
  6. Finnally found it!
    At Micheal & Young's Fly shop in Suury B.C. ( A long way to go) for $1.29 CAD a spool. Still cannot find a bulk source. Randy
  7. Randy,

    I was surprised at how few people have even heard of acetate floss, let alone shops that carry it. The only place I'm aware of in the Seattle area that has it is Swede's in Woodinville.


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