Achilles raft repair help PLEASE!!!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by ozcast, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Alright guys and gals...I have an Achilles raft and need to replace (5) D-rings hopefully by the 17th. Just noticed that they are about to pop, and I have a guide trip booked then. Does anyone know where in town I can go pick them up and get some advice on replacing them, or can anyone do it for me on this site if I pay. All the repair shops want $95 per hour and they say each takes 3 hours. WAY TOO MUCH $$$. I can but a new raft on e-bay for that. Any help would save my skin.

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    Have you tried the Inflatable Boat store in Portland. I've bought parts from them before.

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    Swiftwater in Shoreline has what you need. You can drive up or have them mail the stuff to you.

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    FYI can't ship the adhesives via air without paying a $35 HAZMAT fee. Order from NRS today with ground shipping and you'll get it on Tuesday, or go to:

    Inflatable Boatworks
    101 Nickerson, Ste B-500
    Seattle, WA 98107

    They should have what you need.
  6. Trout Master Active Member

    Call Yachtcare 206-285-2600. Ask for inflatable shop. Dwayne will repair it.