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  1. Received this today from CCA, FYI.

    We recently alerted you to Governor Gregoire's supplemental budget proposal for WDFW to "shift" $1.5 million in recreational fishing and hunting license fee revenue from the Wildlife Account to subsidize salmon for commercial fishing interests. For background, you can read the letter CCA and other organizations sent to the Governor and key legislators opposing the proposal. The proposal was also recently discussed by Tom Nelson and Rob Endsley on The Outdoor Line on 710 AM in Seattle.

    On Wednesday, CCA, PSA and other allied organizations also testified on the issue before the Senate Ways and Means Committee. You can view that testimony by clicking here.
    The legislature is currently in special session to consider the Governor's budget proposal, including the proposed raid of recreational license fee revenue.
    All recreational anglers and hunters should be alarmed by the precedent this would set -- to take funds generated by recreational users to continue subsidizing commercial fishery interests, particularly after seeing a $15 million dollar recreational license fee increase passed by the legislature earlier this year to backfill WDFW's budget. Even more troubling, it appears that the Governor chose the license fee shift proposal over other options submitted by WDFW, including a proposal to end commercial gillnet fisheries in Grays Harbor that cost more to manage than they generate in economic activity and many times more than they pay to the state in license fees and excise taxes.

    We all support the need to maintain important hatchery production, but it is time to reform how the state manages (and funds) our state fish and wildlife and end subsidizing commercial fishing interests.
    Please click the link below to email your legislators in opposition to this proposal.

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  2. Thanks for the link, signed and sent. Join CCA!!
  3. I already got this, sent mine off, and forwarded the link. Take a minute to read it, guys.
  4. It certainly does not seem appropriate to use money collected specifically for one purpose and use it for another ... Oh shit what am I thinking, this is politics as usual. Truth be known, I suspect the precedent has already been set. Taxes and fees collected under the premise of being used for one purpose are constantly being raided for use for other non-related programs.

    We need to reform much more than how these funds are mis-managed!

    I'll send in my two cents, but maybe one of us needs to take Chris out on the river and appeal to her senses? I vote for Mumbles ;)
  5. bump to the top, for an important issue.
  6. The system is broken
  7. bro·ken/ˈbrōkən/

    1. Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
    2. Rejected, defeated, or despairing

    ...and, worse yet, maybe irreparable :beathead:
  8. If you're not a member of CCA join now.

    Really wonderful organization. To the top again
  9. Done and done.
    User fee's my ass.
  10. Done, thanks for the heads up, really bad idea.
  11. Got a response... not sure it makes much sense:

    Thanks for your note about the Governor's budget proposals. It's important to point out that this is a proposal from the governor, not from the Legislature, and it's certainly not my proposal. Typically the Ways and Means chair (me) sponsors the governor's budget proposals so that they can get a hearing.

    The particular line item you are referring to is $1.5 million coming from a sub-account fund balance related to WDFW's WILD online license system - specifically from penalties paid by the current vendor for not meeting requirements to improve the system. It is not coming directly from recreational fishing or hunting permit fees.

    Rep. Ross Hunter
    Chair, Ways and Means
  12. We all support the need to maintain important hatchery production

    What hatcheries is CCA specifically talking about?
  13. Ringlee
    Re: Action alert from CCA - FYI

    We all support the need to maintain important hatchery production

    What hatcheries is CCA specifically talking about?

    Your missing the bigger picture here - Some hatcheries allow anglers to go out and catch hatchery fish, bring them home to their families and eat them - there is nothing wrong with that and it is important for sport anglers to keep a fish now and then.
  14. There are three specific hatcheries - Samish, Nemah and Hoodsport. The specifics appear to be moot, I got word last night that the budget proposal went forward without the 1.5 million transfer. Looks like the responses may have done some good. WDFW is getting hit hard again, will lose 6 sr. FTE positions.

    Thanks gents
  15. At the expense of wild fish? I don't think Ringlee's the one missing the bigger picture here.

    If both hatchery reform, and habitat restoration happened; harvest of wild fish might actually be possible by sport fishermen.
  16. Chris,

    In previous emails from CCA, they proposed funding specific hatchery projects that did not meet HSRG standards and needed funded to complete these improvements. Some plans were costly and the question of continuing the hatchery needs to be a serious question compared to other options. With the State fiscal status, I feel it is important that CCA lays out what are "important hatcheries" as many are being questioned to not only effectiveness but being able to meet HSRG standards without pouring a lot money into them.

    The same hatcheries that provide people that opportunity to bring fish home, also allow commercial and treaty fishing to happen. People on this site blow up about issues regarding treaty and commercial fishing in Washington and need to realize that hatcheries are more than just sport angling opportunities.
  17. Perhaps Mr. Hunter does not recognize that the $ available in the WILD system account came from people buying licenses and tags - recreational users. The "penalties" are those $ paid by the recreational users that will NOT be paid to the WILD system contractor because they failed to make required changes to the system.
  18. Or, he could be trying to mislead us.
  19. iagree

    If feeding your family is the goal, and it's an honorable one, then maybe fish for something that's not an endangered species. Or something that doesn't require hatcheries in order to do that; Bass, Crappie, Bream/Blue gill are all delicious when battered and deep fried.

    The science is there; one study after another comes out showing that hatcheries harm existing wild polulations. I just hope this sinks in to the powers that be before it's too late for the wild runs.

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