Action on the Ronde?

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Jivafly, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Looking to head to Grand Ronde weekend of Nov. 8th and 9th. Anyone have any news on fish numbers in the river?
  2. Check out the dam counts, fish numbers are good.
  3. Go fish...they are there, and will be more with this last rain bump
  4. Hey,
    I was just there!!! By Asotin inbetween the mouth and the bridge, I caught 2 on a Spey nymphing...use lots of weight!!! try the Shadow hole or the turkey shoot!! There will be allot of flyfishers just start talking to folks worked for me and a fella gae me some flies that work !!!
    Orange egg pattern!!! good luck
  5. Thanks for all the good responses guys, I feel better about making the trip now. I'll give a report once I return.

    Fish hard fellas.:beer2:

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