Add Cork Ring To Finished Rod?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by HauntedByWaters, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. I have little rod building experience so I have no clue if this is a stupid question.

    So I was going to build a Rainshadow Switch 6wt and than I found one already finished at a great price and snatched it up late last week.

    The problem is that the rod was built for saltwater fishing and the handle is pretty much only meant for overhand casting.

    I fished it a couple of days this weekend and was missing a fatter section of cork at the top of the handle to get a better grip on the rod during spey casts.

    Is it possible to carefully remove a section of cork from a finished handle, add a fatter ring and than sand the whole thing even again and have it look good?

    If not, I can live with it, just thinking about doing a mod like this in the future if it is feasible.
  2. yes, no problem. To get a straight cut edge on the existing cork, wrap masking tape as a guide all the way around the cork at the point where you want to cut. Then use a razor blade to cut the cork all way around. I've done this a few times now. Take your time and you'll get a perfectly straight edge to match up against new cork that you'd like to add

    So if I get a couple of fancy and beautiful cork rings, how do I split them properly in half to not have any gaps or anything when they come back together. Obviously, I would like it to look pretty.

    What grit of sandpaper is best for finishing touches?

    I have access to a wood shop with a lot of power sanders and lathes for fine wood working, it has about 4 types of sanders, one belt, one a vertical cylinder, and others. Any idea which of these tools is best used for working the cork handle?

    What is the preferred glue for this?

    Also, what is a good place to get an exotic ring for this? I want something thick and beefy and I have seen custom rods with such a ring on the river, sanded into a nice knob.
  4. now that you mentioned "knob" your intent isn't as clear to me. If you are trying to add cork to the TOP of the grip, then you can split them with a razor blade, and re-attach using glue. To add cork to the bottom (butt cap) of the grip, you need to extend the rod shaft by inserting and gluing an appropriately sized section of rod blank or fiberglass rod into the existing blank

    Titebond works as a glue and is widely available. I use Rod Bond, available from rod building shops, since it works for a variety of rod projects.

    I start with rough sandpaper, and end at 400 grit.

    Anglers Workshop in Woodland has lots of different rings.
  5. i heard about this company that makes this kit that has this thing in it that does this and that and then some, and its made by a couple out of some state than prodces this stuff that people use to make other stuff, geeeeeez what was it called...

    but really,

    your talking about adding a little bit of cork to the top of the handle (up towards the tip of the rod from the reel seat),AND adding a fighting butt style knob at the bottom?

    not tricky, pm me if you want me to embellish..

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