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Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Bill Babb, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Can anyone help me with adding pictures to a thread like the ones on the Wyoming final chapter thread?

    I tried clicking on the insert image icon and all I get is a little "bloop" noise and nothing else! :(

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    Look into your internet settings and click the box that ALLOWS popups... It seems to be turned off...
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    I couldn't find the Wyoming final chapter thread to see exactly what you speak of.

    I used to use that attachment icon but that's for adding pictures from an external source, i.e photobucket, etc, and you have to have the complete link, then the picture will be seen in the body of the thread.

    Asked a fellow member and he said there's an option below this box that says "manage attachments" and you can attach images directly from you PC but they get shrunken down and show up at the very end of your thread but blow up nicely once you click on them. Hope that helps.
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    You do NOT need to use the little mountain box to insert a photo. Just do this, but leave out the *'s that I will use a block.

    [IMG*]*YOUR LINK*[/IMG*]

    That's all you need, just out the link in between those commands. And leave out the *
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