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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by SpokaneFisherman, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. I went down the Ronde yesterday to break in my new 8wt. Quickly realized that I have not a clue what I am doing and my timing was less than ideal. From what I could tell (this was my 1st visit to the Ronde) the water was very high and very cloudy. I started upstream at the Oregon line and worked my way down to Bogan's Oasis. Fished several holes that looked "fishy" with no luck.

    I talked to a couple of guys at Bogan's that said the water's been running high all week. A guy who was camped there said one fish taken on Wed and none yesterday. Air temps were in the 50's all day, which would account for the high water. Hopefully things will come back in to shape.

    Which brings me to the point of my post. Anybody looking for a midweek partner and willing to take me under their wing? At this point in the game any and all guidance is welcome.

    On a side note, just as I was breaking down my rod I found a Rod leaning on a tree by the take out at Bogan's. Nice Rod realatively new. A real temptation. But I figure I didn't want to start my Steelheading with bad Karma so I turned it in.

    "100 casts down 900 to go."
  2. I know a guy who lifted a rod in the fashion you described. A week later, a monster fish snapped the rod and one of the chards flew back and put his eye out. He could see out of the remaing eye but it was very cloudy. A week later he fell in and was drowned.

    Bob, the OK, so it is a lie but it could of, should of, happened, particulary if the rod in question belonged to me.;)
  3. You need the expertise of none other than PWOENS...

    Pray he answers your call, this man know his schnizzle...

    :thumb :thumb :thumb
  4. You can hitch along with us any "weekend" you'd like. The Ronde is definately high this last week by looking at the graph . Us fly guys want 2500 cfs or less typically, give or take?? Looks like tomorrow is not going to happen...dang it!!! I guess I have to continue to work on the house :beathead

    ~Patrick ><>
  5. You could always work on mine...
  6. you are too kind...honestly, I am truly an infant in my wisdom....I just get lucky quite often :thumb

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. Patrick,

    I don't want to impose, but I'd love to tag along with you sometime. I'd happily exchange your Steelhead knowledge for some Food/Gas/beer money. Let me know the next time you're thinking about heading out.
  8. Well, was thinking seriously about tomorrow but everytime I check the flow today, its climbing so I think tomorrow is off. But, next saturday would be the game plan if you're up for it?? Drop me an email at

    You are more than welcome to tag along.

    ~Patrick ><>
  9. New River Mike

    Bob, your story reminds me of a reverse version of a Mark Twain parable called "The Good Little Boy" about a youngster who steadfastly refused to indulge in any of the shenanigans of his chums because of the horrible outcomes he always read of in his Sunday School books, such as the bad little boys who skipped church to go rafting only to drown when a terrible storm came up.

    In the story, no matter how often he makes the moral choice, he experiences dire consequences anyway, while the real-life "bad little boys" get off scot-free and in fact always have a jolly good time.

    He becomes more and more puzzled by the contradiction but his faith never wavers.

    The end occurs when he intevenes in a boys' prank to tie several dogs' tails together along a length of rope and then tie in and light some firecrackers, the scene taking place in an abandoned shed. As he sits down on an overturned pail to lecture the boys about their waywardness, he is unaware that he's settled into nitroglycerine, which in at least one of its forms is a grease.

    The constable comes onto the scene, the other boys scatter, and the earnest little fellow's last words are, "Oh, sir...!" uttered just before the officer swats the boy in the trousers and launches the entire group - boy, dogs,and constable - above the village and to their eternal rewards.

    Nevertheless, SpokaneFisherman, you made a good choice, but you still owe the Steelhead Gods 900 more casts!


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