Adult Caddisfly ID?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by Taxon, May 2, 2012.

  1. See if you can identify this beautiful adult caddisfly. Will be looking for family, genus, and species. As before, each identification attempt will receive a prompt and respectful response.

  2. Okay, I perhaps it's time for some clues. Although this caddisfly is not well-known, it has been reported from WA, inhabits stillwaters, and emerges in October. It is of the same family (and closely resembles) a caddisfly which is well-known, also emerges in October, but inhabits rivers rather than stillwaters.
  3. Family Limnephilidae

    purty bug
  4. Traveling Sedge
  5. Very good, Matt. Yes, it is a Limnephilid.


    Family: Limniphilidae - Northern Casemaker (Matt Baerwalde)
  6. giant orange sedge?
  7. Hi Patrick,

    It is not a Traveling (also called Traveler) Sedge, as they have stouter antennae. However, I do appreciate your having the courage to take a stab at it.
  8. Halesochila taylori
  9. Hi McNasty,

    Giant Orange Sedge is one of the common names for the (quite similar) river-inhabiting caddisfly mentioned in post #2 of this thread. However, its stillwater-inhabiting counterpart does not have any common name of which I am aware.
  10. Exturnus?
  11. Bingo. :) Congratulations, Patrick.


    Family: Limniphilidae - Northern Casemaker (Matt Baerwalde)
    Genus: Halesochila(Patrick Gould)
    Species: taylori(Patrick Gould)
  12. Hi Derek Young-

    Okay, I'll bite. What is Externus? :(
  13. I have seen what may be this species hatching out of Rattlesnake Lake. I previously thought they were October caddis, but now I know I must've been wrong. I done learnt me sumthin. Way to go on the ID, Patrick.
  14. doh! srry i totally forgot. OC are one if my fav insects too, stupid mistake
  15. Summer Flier Sedge (Limnephilus exturnus)

  16. Ah, thanks for the clarification, Derek. Although I wouldn't expect a Summer Flier Sedge to still be around in October, Limnephilus externus looks like this:


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