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  1. Ira,

    Doncha' remember, there is no LEAD in fly fishing. Fly fishing = rods made of split cane or greenheart, reels made in England, lines of silk, leaders and tippets of natural gut, flies tied on steel hooks with natural feathers, fur, wool, silk, and no synthetic materials whatever. Veer from that, and you're just a mouth-breathin', knuckle-draggin', bait chucker. That's the gospel of Walton, Gordon, Hues, Halford, etc., ya' know, the guys who invented modern fly fishing.

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  2. I want to make this perfectly clear: I did not call you anything. Nothing. Saying that fishing with lead shot and a bobber is gear fishing is not a personal statement about you. Christ, If you have an opinion anymore, you can't tell anyone or someones gonna take it personal.

    As far as you questions- it ceased being flyfishing when you used lead shot and a bobber. Weighted flies can be debated but Jesus, a bobber? And your just wrong regarding throwing a bobber with a spinning reel. I've done it. It works. It works well. Hell, as a child I used worms and no weight on a spinning real to catch brookies. You would use the mono that would lay on the water as an indicator. It was not flyfishing. I caught a lot of fish that way.

    Clearly, you and I disagree about whether nymphing with lead and a bobber is flyfishing. It can be a fine and easy discussion if you keep from telling me that I'm calling you or anyone else anything. It isn't a personal attack, it's a damn opinion (and the correct one). The fact that it bothers others is really their problem. I shouldn't have to change an opinion because having it bothers someone. It bothers the hell out of me that people are Yankee fans. I also know it'd be damn boring if everyone wasa Red Sox fan. Although it would show that public shools were improving :).

    Oh, and I care about whether it's flyfishing for the same reason you care that it is, in all likelyhood. That reason's my opinion.

    Go Sox,
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  3. Charles please stop calling it a bobber - thats rude in my opinion and your hurting feelings on the board. Please refer to it as an "indicator" that kind of compromise will make many more on the board feel better about their method of fishing
  4. Charles, I didn't say that you called me anything, man you got your panties in a bunch quite a bit for a guy who claims offense is in the eye of the beholder. By the way, did you read my part where I say the set up mentioned? That is not a bobber, it is a thingamabobber, get your facts as you call them right for crist sake.

    So to you any indicator and weighted anything is gear fishing, and your opinion is right and everyone else is wrong? Did I read that correctly? If so I really don't care about your opinion anymore cause your just plain loony. If I read it wrong, please clarify.
  5. "Feel free to call me whatever you like, or Jason for that matter, I won't be offended, I just dont understand your need to do so if you don't care, knowing that it does bother others." Much of my last post was in response to this.

    I would say that bobber and split shot are gear, every time, all the time. And having seen anglers use both with spinning reels and noodle rods in GL trib.'s I'll tell you, they are effective.

    I would not hold an opinion if I thought it was incorrect. That would be dumb.

    My panties are fine. My head hurts though. I feel a bit like Lewis Black, truthfully.

    The whole argument about what is gear/ fly fishing is like the supreme court obsenity ruling. It's hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

    Go Sox,
  6. I have friend that I grew up with. We've known each other since 3rd grade. I tie him egg sucking leeches and send them to him. He fishes them with a spinning reel and a couple pinches of weight a foot or so above the fly. He does so with much success. He fishes them in a similar manner that I do with my Switch Rod. It is interesting, I use a section of T-whatever to help get the fly down and use about 2-3 ft of leader below it. He uses a little pinch weight. I know when a fish has taken the fly by watching the floating section of my fly line and when it does something fishy, or I feel the tug on the line. He knows when a fish has taken his fly by watching where is mono enters the water and by the feel of the tug/tap on the line. The only real difference here is the reel and what material is on it. The difference are mainly aesthetics with the exception that he can fish that seam on the other side of the fast current much more effectively than I because his line does not get swept down current and pull his fly out of the sweet spot.

    I have no interest in fishing his way and he has little interest to fish mine. I have little doubt that either of us would have much difficulty learning the others methods, but we just don't want to. To me, if I fished his method, then I wouldn't be fly fishing and to him he doesn't see many difference between his method and mine because we both fish flies and get them down with weight of some sort. He've both understood this from day 1, but have never needed to debate over it. We understand how each other feels about it and completely accept it.
  7. Charles, I didn't know you wore panties. Do all Red Sox fans wear panties? Do any of the Red Sox players wear panties? With or without lace? This is of vital importance to determine whom to root for in the upcoming World Series.
  8. Kerry,

    I do not know the underwear preference for any members of the Red Sox. I am a boxer man. I find that my boys prefer a little room. I would wear whatever my wife wanted if she cared. You know, being a good partner and all. I would not bead however. That's a bit too much even for a B'ham socially liberal guy.

    You can root for whomever you would like unless you show up to watch a game at my house. Of course, I watch the games like I fish generally.......alone.

    Go Sox,
  9. I bet Ortiz wears panties. Napoli has that panty look also.

    Oh well, I will likely be rooting for the Sox even if they are panty wearers.
  10. go cardinals...can't root for bearded panty wearers...

    bet they put beads in their beards too..
  11. Is this what your extensive experience with 240+ lb bearded panty wearing men leads you to believe? Lots of cold nights back in the day on Lopez?

    I just hope that this world series goes the way the last did when they played.

    Go Sox,
  12. And really, a bobber is used sub-surface (aka a Lil' Corky), where a float is used as an indicator. My hands are literally shaking with pure, unbridled rage as I type this.

    Next time please consider how butthurt I get over tiny things before posting.
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  13. About as wrong as those people who think slinging lead and a bobber is fly fishing...
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  14. Exactly! In most western states, attaching bobbers and lead to your line is illegal in "fly fishing" only sections.

    Seems Washington doesn't define what a bobber is...yet. The State of Oregon defines a Bobber:
    "A hook-less, floating device that is attached to or slides along the mainline or leader above the hook(s) for the
    purpose of suspending hook(s) (which are part of the bait, lure or artificial fly) off of the bottom of the stream and
    visually signaling (from the surface of the water) a fish’s strike at the hook(s)"

    Nothing against guys attaching and using gear on fly rods...Use bait, use scent use whatever you want on your rods....I just don't think you can call it fly fishing if you are using bobbers and attached weights.

  15. There is no black and white line, since nobody has the authority to define fly fishing broadly. Sure states/agencies can for regulatory purposes. Once upon a time, anything but dry fly fishing was an abomination, at least when angling for trout.

    I guess a hopper dropper is OK because the bobber has a hook attached. So rig up with your foam crystal caddis with a bead head glow bug and then you're completely legit (if not legal)...and completely doing the same thing.

    I do to agree, once you have attached a float, weight and a lure...I am hard pressed to call it fly fishing. But then again, I don't care either :)
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  16. Yet they take the time to define "strike indicator" separately.

  17. so, judging by that, if I fish with a bobb...I mean strike indicator and fly, I would be fly fishing anywhere except the NU? I mean, the fly fishing only waters of the Metolius allow for it, so it must be fly fishing...

    These arguments never end well, are never resolved, and are completely asinine...yet I'm always strangely drawn to them in the same way people rubber-neck at a car wreck.

    Which leads me into drivers...if you replace "drivers" with "random internet forum users"...well, you get the idea.
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  18. Where does a 10 foot section of T-11 fall in this discussion?
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