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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jason Cotta, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Dear lordy!

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  2. Bingo!! I'm still struggling to understand why swinging a brightly colored chicken with a chunk of t-14 is fly fishing but putting a split shot above your finely replicated nymph to actually, you know, represent something that fish eat, is gear fishing.

  3. It's nothing more than cheap entertainment watching people get riled up over how another person is fishing. Most of my fish the past couple years have come with a float and shrimp tail dangling below it cast with a levelwind. The 15 years before that is was strictly the fly. The years before that it was a corky and yarn, bobber and jig, spoon, spinner....

    (I know, this fish is lying on the rocks with a hook in its chin)

    Steelhead 1.jpg
  4. It's a fair question as to whether T-14 and intruders are flyfishing. I know a few Canadians who woud say it isn't. I'll use T-14 but more likely T-8. I don't use half chicken flies or weighted flies. They are a bear to cast.

    I would say for myself that T material is still fly line/tips. Weighted flies are something I don't ever really use. But if I did, I wouldn't get mad if someone told me it wasn't flyfishing. I could see that and hell, it isn't anything bad to fish gear.

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  5. I suppose I don't understand the need to rigidly define these things in threads that originally had nothing to do with defining them. It's a fly fishing forum. People use indicators with fly rods. If you can't come across a thread about the subject without feeling the need to proclaim "just use a gear rod" or "that's not fly fishing" then you're a retard.
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  6. I hope we didn't run you off. This is a mighty thread. You're strong with the force.
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  7. I'm pretty sure that I'm not a retard although my wife may agree with you at times.

    I will cop to being a prick though.

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  8. Awww if we stayed on topic this whole website would be pointless. :)
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  9. Snagger!

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  10. It would consist of two threads. One about nymphing and one about which line to use on a particular Spey rod.

    Oh, and the thread where OMJ tells us how he can fish the skinny waters of Montana from the driver seat of his pickup. So 3 threads.
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  11. Four.

    Daniels rookies log will be around forever
  12. You forgot the bobo thread.
  13. That poor sumbitch hasn't caught one yet? I can't bear to read that thread it's like 900 pages.

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  14. Daniel or the nofuckingbeads guy?
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  15. That is the best bead argument yet!

    Aaaaaand we've gone full circle....
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  16. Loved the video. I'm heading to the Ronde tomorrow. Tied up one of those indicator rigs, attaching it to my 9 wt spey, should be able to chuck it a country mile. I like the idea of the bobber stops with fly line, tied up easily. Will actually spend most of my time swinging, need to baptize the 14ft, 5 wt ACR with a fish. Weather is looking good. Hope the fishing is.

  17. Beat me to it.

  18. Nofuckingbeads? Is that the jackass who videotaped his failed attempts at catching steelhead? As much as video's of strikes get me pumped videos of steelheaders talking and walking are super lame. Talking and not catching is awful.

    And videos of nymphers.......don't get me started.

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  19. He's a fellow (or was) Orvis guy that was dedicated to swinging a fish. Poor guy hasn't been laid yet AFAIK.
  20. I think you guys are referring to Rory. I don't know him. I just know who you're talking about.

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