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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jason Cotta, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Yep. It's fun though. At least as long as people don't get offended by other's opinions. Oh wait, I forgot, this is the internet.

    I'd like to hear some more stories about people throwing things like Dick Nite's with the spey rod. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that at some point this winter, just for the hell of it, and probably after several beers.
  2. Gotcha. Read it too quickly. I'm also not here to change anyone's mind - just bored at work! Hell, I haven't done either for steelhead so what do I know?
  3. dick nites on a fly rod totally work. They're way lighter than a lot of the hefty flies the Spey bro'z chuck.
  4. $.02- I don't really care so much about definitions, but more the attitude that comes with bead fishing, and I have a dedicated bead rig (10' spinning set up) for kids and newbs in the boat at all times.

    Anymore (for guides) it's about getting people on fish, bottom line. Rowing over others water? That's cool now. Fishing right below someone that's currently swinging a run? That's how we do on the Columbia tribs.

    It's not like holding a fish out of water for a pic or 3 is a huge deal to such a robust fish, but to teach people that the rules are to be followed as you see fit, is lamesauce.

    Can't remember the last time I saw a dude swinging being a douchewaffle out on the drink.
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  5. Well said.
  6. This X infinity.

    well said!

  7. For the most part this is what I've seen as well, with the exception of the last statement. D-bags are D-bags regardless of the way they fish. I've run across them in all forms of angling. My motto is and always has been, pay attention to who's around me...How would I feel if someone stepped in this close to me?

    You also have to keep in mind that this isn't about on-stream ethics, it's more about different "rules" for different types of anglers. Gear guys don't seem to mind being shoulder to shoulder, so they don't necessarily know (or care) about the spey guys arbitrary rules.

    Now, guides who side drift their clients right through a run where an angler is working should know better. Bottom line, greed is what drives them.

    Nice giant hijack from what the OP original intent when this thread was started...great job folks. :rolleyes:
  8. At least everyone on here is passionate! Maybe the Steelhead have a fighting chance.

    As far as right vs wrong, to each their own. My motto, if you're not breaking any laws or being an asshole, then do whatever makes you happy. Better yet, do it with a smile. We've been blessed with a diverse and often times challenging sport and the scenery in which we get to experience it is unbeatable. Tight lines everyone!

    Truth be told I just wanted to see if my post would make this thread turn into 7 pages
  9. Uninformed statement. Many who have posted on this thread are involved with many different aspects of steelhead management ranging from habitat improvement projects to political action at the state and federal goverment levels.
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  10. Poor wording on my part. I was not attempting to imply anything about what people on this message board are or are not doing.
  11. Bros! I think this set up is awesome! Sometimes I like to switch up my bead rig by threading on a P-P-P-P-Power Cricket!!!
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  12. How do you guys rig up an egg sucking dicknite under a bobber?
  13. All this talk of fly fishing with even people who are hucking T14 with 1/2 a chicken claiming to be fly fishing. I fail to see how that is fly fishing as we all know if it is not a dry fly, it is gear fishing. This weekend, I will be engaging in 'real' fly fishing for steelhead, skating a dry using a classic Fenwick glass rod and a JW Young reel loaded with a double taper line. I may also skate with a bamboo spey rod. Everything else is just filthy gear fishing, IMHO.

    Oh, wait, corkies are gear? But what if I incorporate it into a fly? Does that mean I am fishing gear when I am skating a dry fly with deer hair and a corkie body even if I use a bamboo spey rod or old glass rod and classic reel? I am so confused... This fly best my represents my view on the subject, LOL:

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  14. The same way you would rig some chicken liver on a circle hook with a fifty pound test leader and a full three ounces of lead on the leader.
    I love to chunky dunk.
  15. nice fly...

    but if you read my post i was simply explaining why leaded line and split shot were different using a corky/foam as an example. the body of your fly could have been tied with a small bead and it still wouldn't make side drifting beads fly fishing.

    i'm glad that fly size (chickens) is now something that defines whether one is fly fishing. sucks for the lingcod, pike, and musky fly guys.

    but you're just a heathen that doesn't fish her dries dead-drift ;)

    side drifting with a fly rod can be a fun way to fish, but it cannot be fly fishing!
  16. Oh, but there you are wrong, sir, as my skating technique is as unconventional as my fly. I am a heathen who dead drifts into a skate and often picks them up on the dead drift. :)
  17. I could cast it with a gear rod also but I would do so with about 40 feet of flyline outside the tip just as you would do it with a fly rod. What I want to know is can you cast the setup with a bait caster in the way you would normally cast with a bait caster with about 3 or 4 feet of the tippet outside the tip and my guess is you could not.
  18. In the closing of this thread, I'd like to say "Thank You", to all that contributed.

    I was going to watch Netflix, but this was way more fun!

    Just so we're clear though... I can tie a stinger hook onto an orange Thingamabobber, swing it with T-14, and I'm still fly fishing right?

    or was it T-8....

  19. I don't know what T-14 is, or even T-8. Some kind of explosive plastic? I do know what a Thingamabobber is however. I have one on my key chain. I use it when my thingama is bobbing in the water.
  20. You are welcome, and hell yes you are still fly fishing!

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