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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Santo Roman, May 6, 2013.

  1. So today I sold my 7 year old pontoon boat. Got a lot of use, but I was never really happy with it. It was a cheaper one from creek company so it was not the best. Worked but I think I'd like to go back to a float tube. Something easy that I can toss in the back of the excursion without having to drop the seats and move things round. Not looking to drop a few car payments, just wanted to know what everyone used and which ones hold up the best.


  2. You might check Costco. I recently bought a Cumberland uboat style here in Billings for $149.
    It comes with fins (although not the best) and shoulder straps. The seat keeps you up out of the water
    and is well padded, unfortunately adds a lot of weight (the total weight is 18 lbs.) I rigged up an anchor
    system but haven't had it in the water yet. I have several pontoon boats but wanted something more portable
    and think this will work well without breaking the bank.
  3. Super Fat Cat or Fishcat 4
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  4. I have a Fishcat 4 that I bought four or so years ago. I've used it maybe 5 times. It is great tube. I've just learned that I prefer standing in running water than floating around in a lake. If you want to buy a slightly used one, let me know. I keep it semi inflated hanging in my garage. So it is clean and in good shape (no punctures, no repairs, no sun fading). I've been holding on to it thinking that someday I may change my mind and get out on the lake. Probably not going to happen.
  5. I just got a used Creek Company ODC 420, which I think is basically a budget version of the FC4. I'm not sure what the differences are, but I really like it. I wanted something with the foam seat, despite the added weight. I don't have any experience with any other tubes but I have found it easy to navigate and very stable.
  6. RM-

    email me some pics if possible. Do you know which version it is? I know there is the regular and the LCS and the deluxe version. Looked at Costco but there was nothing there but old people looking to buy a bowflex. You know cause when it's 90 degrees outside, that's the first thing on your mind.


  7. It is the regular version, not the deluxe. I'll try and get some pictures to you shortly.
  8. Sounds good. I'm not going anywhere

  9. Here's my take on a rod rack for my FC4 DX:



  10. That's sweet! I might have to copy that :rolleyes:
  11. So I picked up the fat cat regular today and tested her out. Will need to get some fins as the wind on cottage lake was more that I could handle. I like it but I was on he assumption that your ass would stay dry. Not the case. It does seem to cave in a little once you plant into the seat. Felt nice while I was in it but the water in the back was something I'l need to deal with as well.

  12. I would like to rig up the fish finder on mine as it might make things easier but first I'll get the fins
  13. You can see my Humminbird in the photo above. Also, the inflatable seats in the "Super" eliminate the squeeze and float you higher not to mention pack down a hell of a lot smaller.

  14. SHigSpeed, what is the contraption you have strapped in the bow?
  15. Not sure I can pack any less. I tend to only carry 1 fly box, net and 2 rods rigged up with a sink line and a floating.
  16. That's the transducer mount. That design attaches more elegantly to my pontoon boat but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so I just roll with it. Works great - on a whim I can pivot and tilt the head to take a "look around".


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