advice for scandi casting.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Aug 18, 2009.

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    casting off the tip - doesn't matter what kind of line or technique you are using - is inherently limited in its ability to generate power. Fly rods store and release maximum power where there is maximum material - down the blank. You want to load the rod towards the butt to access that power, and that's exactly what a dominant lower hand stroke does. On the rod, it helps to a strong and fast enough tip to direct that released power accurately. The tip is directing the path of travel, but the power comes from deeper
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    Couple things I've noticed and may help (as I'm in the same boat when switching over for summer steelies)....Mieser mks rods and guideline lines rock...guideline is so far ahead with their lines IMHO it's stupid...

    That said...skagit is a compact cast and like has been said, you have to "open up" your cast a bit...I also found lifting the rod tip up and bringing is around more like a cocktail glass configuration...i.e. rod tip up in front of you and around smoothly helps over what we normally do with our skagit lines...No pause on the front cast..this is a mother as it takes some time to get used to not rushing it or waiting to long...

    Have patience...I know I was getting aggravated at my ineptness but the more pissed off you get the harder you try to throw it and the worse it turns out...I try to think of painting the cast..

    (See if I can insert this vid. of my buddy Tim casting my 11'7" Mieser switch rod with my scandi head on it...)
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    Lets see if this one works better...Again, this is on a 11'7 switch rod...almost all the 100' running line..couple strips left but the water was catching it too much..should see what the prick can do with a normal rod...Watching Mike and Tim makes you really appreciate the "art" of spey casting..
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    Thanks for clarifying that, Gordon. I think what I was getting at is, in the shooting head arena, that Modern has largely replaced pure underhanding. Most Americans, myself included till recently, thought underhanding was the only way shooting heads are cast...not so!
    regards and thanks again,
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    Jinkies that's some right fine casting :beer2:
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    Skagit is shooting heads, the whole NW thing is based on shooting heads. Read Mr. Lingren's history of NW Spey casting. Most Americans may like to use the marketing terms but it is all shooting heads.
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    Hi Guys,
    I think at times it gets over complicated for new Speycasters, or at least it seems that way.
    I am lucky enough to work on the River Spey and have also taught Speycasting in the USA and Canada, it is 22 yrs now since i started teaching flycasting full time.... must be getting old. :)
    I like all styles of Speycasting, but like it me, Underhand, Scandi, skagit Traditional, modern the list goes on and on, it must be really confusing for a new Speycaster.
    I get asked while teaching, should i get a Scandi rod or Skagit rod of trad rod, the truth is rods flex in different way, from tip to butt ...but they will all work for casting different lines and different styles. all you need and most important is a perfect match between rod and line .......for your fishing situation.
    For me a rod the flex's all the way to the butt is able to stores more energy, but thats me, store more energy in the rod, less work for me while fishing all day, and if the lines are a perfect match it will cast all of them and any style.

    Underhand casting was described as a style of casting in the 1890's , and i know they debated all this them...
    I seem to have wondered off topic, so coffee time.
    Have fun Speycasting whatever style, just have fun doing it.
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    good job Gordon, coffee time for me too; maybe a little fishing this afternoon... Seems that I have a surfeit of PNW experience, better go get some LOL:rofl:
    shooting a Skagit head...what a novel idea. I better go read up on that:rofl:
    good luck Pan, enjoy the trip. Scandi is fun, frustrating, and very versatile:thumb:
    regards, bob
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    Nice stuff Speyspaz,
    As a matter of interest what size rod do you normally fish and line weight ? , had the coffee and walk with the dog down the river Spey, abit peaty coloured with all the rain .
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    Hi Gordon.
    That rod was a 13' 7/8 Deer Creek, which is an MKS taper, with a naked 550 and a type VI tip. But if you remember, I was lusting after Scott's 13' for 8 at the Sandy clave. A real honor meeting you guys, BTW.

    Most of my fishing last couple years has been shorter rods with skagit heads because my home waters were so blown out all summer, and in winter of course you know most of us here fish skagit to meet conditions. So I totally lost whatever longer belly groove I had and am working now to regrow it so to speak, and at the same time have been exploring light-to-midweight scandi.
    Right now I'm working with a new 14' 6/7/8 Meiser S, which has been a real transition, even after working with a 13' 5/6/7 Hybrid for a year, which has an almost identical taper formula. I'm still mullocking that rod, but it's getting easier now, trying aerial snap T's and aerial doubles. the 14'er seems to like a 450 Airflow scandi best, (full length). Posting vid of my casting on that stick would be an embarassment just now:hmmm: but I'll get there soon.
    Also since it's dryline time here at last, a 15' 8/9 Deer Creek with 8/9 CND GPS, oh so sweet if I can back off and not hork it. One of these days I'll man up and throw down the $ for a Carron.

    the short version, which I seem incapable of, is 13'-15' rods and midweight lines.:clown:

    The Nisqually, near me, is clouded with glacier milk, there's Chinook rolling between the gear guys. I'm hoping to stake out a little corner this morning while I'm out running errands.
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    Hi Speyspaz,
    It was good to meet you too, the Sandy river Speyclave was a blast, even if i did get a speeding ticket trying to find my way there, myself and Scott hope to make it again next year.
    I know its off topic,
    But If you want a week or so with that 13ft DTX i will send you one from BC, i will have the whole range with me in BC in three weeks time, and samples are being sent out for guys to try in three weeks at there launch in the PNW.
    Just send me a PM with your detail and i will get one to you.
    Cheers Gordon.
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    used to be that good looks and a polite demeanor would get you off a ticket...makes me feel old.
    we'll see you next spring for sure, glad to hear you're coming to BC! Hope you can fit plenty of fishing in.
    What range of weights are the DTX line in? I know about the 13 for 8 and the 16 for 10/11, what others are there?

    yes, way off topic, but that 13'er could be a better than good scandi rod with the right line and totally kicks ass with a shorthead spey

    to all, I apologize for the hijack.
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    Couple of Hijackers,
    But just to finish the hijacking, the 13ft is perfect with 420 Airflow Scandi head, but anywhere around that line wt.
    There is a 12ft for an 8wt, 13ft for a 8wt, 14ft for a 9wt, 15 for 10wt, and the 16ft of a 10/11 wt.
    Will get the 13ft to ya to try when the rods arrive in da PNW.
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    Good stuff.

    Pan, you getting what you need? sorry about the highjax

    I just got a 420gr compact scandi from Poppy today; spooled it up and tried it out on my 13' 5/6/7 custom build Meiser, and I'm not sure, but I think I heard angels singing. My shoulder and back were really hurting bad, so I couldn't really move my upper hand, which was a blessing...all bottom hand, sweep and all, and BOOP-out it goes.
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    This is what worked for me. I noticed Mike doing this in his videos, gave it a try and it works for me---about 80% of the time before I get too tired and sloppy! Remember, push with the bottom hand!

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    Take a hammer to your top hand and smash it !! LOL at least that is what I'm thinking of doing.