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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Coastal Elf, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum and I have a question about reels. I'm thinking of getting the Bauer MZ7 (from Sierra Trading Post) for my DECHO 13'3 8 wt with a 600 grn Airflo skagit. How will this reel balance my rod? Is it too big?

    Any other recommendations for someone on a budget? I'm thinking I need to replace my TFO PRISM 9/11 that acted up on me the other day.

    Conversely is there a way to keep the drag on the TFO from freezing on cold days?
  2. I have a friend with a BAuer MZ 7 on his 8wt, looks nice and seems balanced too. No idea about the TFO.

  3. Yeah, don't get it wet.
  4. I'll work on that
  5. Not sure what your max budget is but Scott Mann is selling a 4" Dingley Perfect in the classifieds on this forum. Want a bombproof - freeze proof get it done reel that will outlast you, there it is.
  6. So I ended up doing what I should in the first place. I called Poppy and had him set me straight.
  7. Good Man = so what is the new toy?
  8. My exact setup is: 8wt Decho, 600gr compact skagit, Bauer MZ7

    Love everything about it
  9. I just retired my TFO prisim 10/11 for a pflueger 1598 RC. Its the model with the exposed rim. Love it so far and you cant beat the price...I think I paid under 30 bucks for it. It has already proven itself on some nice B run fish. I use it on my 13' 0 7wt DECHO and it balances beautifully........
  10. Poppy had a Bauer Rogue Classic 6 on sale that should be winging its way to me as we speak.

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