Advice, Part II.

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  1. I while back I posted a thread here asking for dog trainer recommendations for my GWP. The responses were much appreciated, and I settled on Dan Hoke. Dan did a very nice job, and I've got the dog back ready to chase a few birds. (The dog's headed back to Dan in the Spring but I want to keep him on track.) If anyone would care to give me some very, very, general info. - a patch of public land, state forrest, etc. - about where to put the dog into a few birds to keep him interested, I'd appreciate it greatly. I'm willing to drive and pitch a tent or car camp. If you'd prefer to keep the info on the DL, feel free to send me a PM. Again... just some very general advice. Thanks, as always.
  2. Aside from hunting...If you want to get your dog on birds and do some training, go buy some birds or trap/buy some pigeons...its the only way to consistently train in a controlled environment.

    Also, you may want to enquire about pointer field trial clubs in WA. They'll be a good source of information and also training sessions/partners.
  3. I want to congratulate you on having your dog professionally trained and your plan to keep him "tuned up". I wish I could offer some suggestions on locations for public hunting but times are hard in that area. I took my dog to Canyon Creek after her training so she and I could figure out our partnership. By the way, I got myself trained along with my dog, that was probably the hardest part for the trainer. Good luck to you and your pup and many miles and great times together.
  4. Dan--
    the GWP Dog Club is quite active in the Tacoma area...You might check them out for their trials and meeting schedule. Also, congrats on selecting Dan Hoke for your trainer. I used him for my pup a number of years back and was quite pleased...that said however, the GWP is such an awesome breed, they usually end up teaching the "master" how they intend to hunt...!
  5. Good advice above. Dan has had my pup Hank a couple times over Summer & I'll return next Spring for steadying on the flush & shot. Dan does a splendid job. I'll take Hank out after farm birds after he has a few trips after Quail & Huns under his collar.

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