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  1. Saw the films in Bend on Wednesday and was kind of disapointed with the lack of good spey footage. With the spey rod explosion of the last few years, I figured there would have been more. A good action movie of people fishing with spey rods and hooking fish of all kinds would sell well I think. There are enough how to videos out there as it is. I want to see some fish catchin spey action!


  2. Haven't see the film so I can't directly comment save for I agree with your comments. The only two that come to mind (lots of fish hooking) were the Lanni Waller VCR's (gather these have been updated) and the H. Mortenson's new one on Atlantic Salmon. Seen some clips of him hooking HUGE Atlantic Salmon and it was a WOW!!!!!

    One other that's going around and may (again, not seen the film yet) are the 'Trout Bum' series. But, given the word 'trout' is in the title would suspect not much on the long rods. Think there may be another one shot on the Deschutes that all long rod fishing.

  3. I keep telling them guys at AEG that they need a psycho spey caster like me that also does skagit and overhead, even for 1000 year old trout. Plus other attributes I have; licensed nurse and manic mechanic. But I think it's my lot in life to fish the S rivers until they close them down. Yea, those movies are horrible. Fishing in far away places with great sponsors. Roping fat pigs and living like animals. Just disgusting.
  4. The Lani Waller vids are pretty good. Lots of instruction.Out in DVD now. Some pretty nice fish hooked on the Babine in BC. Fred,I'll have to check out the Mortenson DVD, sounds good.

    I think a video of skater takes and subsequent fight would be cool. The amount of time needed to get this kind of footage is probably why there are not more vids out there.The skater takes are the most elusive. Believe me I have tried for years to get some good video and have maybe a couple of fair sequences to show for it. Camera shy those steelies.

    I will however volunteer my time to any of the big film guys if they need someone to go around the world and elicit surface takes for everyones video pleasure. That would be tough I know.

    The films were good, not quite as ooh ahhh as hoped, but good non the less. The Taimen film from Mongolia was probably the best overall, I thought They spent quite a bit of time on the Pebble Mine situation in AK which was good to let people know what nightmare could happen up there if we don't all get involved. Why can't we just leave the largest spawning habitat in the world alone? It could be very bad if that goes through.

  5. A skater take on film would be sick. I still have that to add to my experience.
  6. The Lani DVD has one great sequence on the Babine I think, that is very cool. He is fishing a Waker and out in front of him a fish just randomly rolls. He says to the camera,"did you see that?, we got a player" or something like that. He makes a drift and raises the fish and the fish misses the fly. Next drift fish comes up behind and gently sucks it down. Hooks and lands it, way cool.

    I think skater footage is probably the Holy Grail of fishing film. A good,even 10 or fifteen minutes of these kind of takes would be Gold to the right filmmaker. You could probably make some good cake.

    So get out there boys, spring is coming!

  7. Exactly!
  8. I bet there will be more in the full length film.
  9. I have to respectfully disagree. The spey explosion has been primarily in the NW with some action on the Great Lakes tribs while other FF communities have become mildly interested. As the TBD are becoming popular all over, a film chock full of Spey casting could alienate some prospective customers who couldn't relate to the technique. It's fun to us, but 95% + FF have never held a spey rod.
    Additionally the locations of the films don't see a lot of spey action. I am sure that if they make a movie in the NW, Alaska, Kamchatka, the UK that they would have more spey casting.
    I would enjoy a movie full of spey casting, but I don't think it would make money.
  10. id like to see someone make a movie on an S river and rope some fish:)
  11. Im going to have to disagree with you on this one. yes the spey explosion in the northwest is huge. but its blown up all over the rockies too. five years ago if you had a spey rod out here people would look at you and think 'what the f is that" but now youll see people fishing them everyday. Also, using the spey in mongolia is the preferred technique. Just as it has become popular in south america when fishing for large sea-runs tossing huge flies all day, in mongolia they have come to realize that the spey rod is the way to go. i havent seen the teaser but im sure as fullerfly said the whole movie should contain a large amount of spey casting, unless these guys forgot to pack the long rods.
  12. Spey rods are more popular in Mongolia than in the Pacific Northwest? That blows my mind.
  13. Well in the NW you typically don't throw flies the size of muskrats, plus anybody fly fishing mongolia has enough money for a pretty decent quiver...

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