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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dbk, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. I fished Aeneas outside of Tonasket this afternoon for a few hours from 2-4:30pm. I had not fished it this year except for one brief evening excursion in early May. Surface water temps are elevated- I would guess high 60s or low 70s and the fish responded like you would expect under such conditions. A couple of the fish put up a brief initial fight but had no "staying power". At this point, I am not going to fish it again until the water cools. There were fish randomly feeding on/near the surface, mostly in water that was 25+ feet in depth, with occasional rises closer to shore in water 10-20ft in depth. Not much of a hatch except for some tiny chiros (26) with very few numbers of larger olive chiros (16-18) one of which would every so often show up in a throat sample as a "chromie". That being said, the predominant food source being consumed was daphnia, with tiny blood worms (18s) in the mix on occasion. Fishing chiro's under an indicator was largely ineffective- they would not touch a static presentation though my first fish was taken on a 12 black chiro "on the move" under an indicator while slowly retreiving it . This technique drew no other strikes in the depth zone I was fishing (16-18 ft) so I moved out into the deeper water and began fishing chiros vertically through the water column in 25-30ft of water. This tactic brought immediate results and made the most out of what the conditions were allowing for as it presented the fly (did not matter really what it was) at a depth where the most active fish seemed to be holding. Again, all strikes/hook ups came "on the move" while slowly retreiving the fly vertically using a figure 8 retrieve- no takers on a still presentation (occasionally "twitching" the fly was ineffective as well). All of the feeding today seemed to be either in the bottom 2-3 ft or the top 2-3ft of the water column. Again, given the water temps and the behavior of the trout when hooked, I will leave this lake alone until the lake cools again.
  2. Way to go deep and get them figured out! slow retrieve often is the ONLY WAY. Thanks for sharing your tactics.
  3. DBK,
    Thanks for the report. I was hoping to fish this lake in a few weeks, looks like I'll have to cross it off my list. I should have fished it the last ime I was up that way. I hope blue near Wanacut is still fishable.

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